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Like the bones of a part-buried skeleton the ancient world is never far beneath the surface of modern Cusco, sacred city of the high Andes, as this photo by Santha Faiia shows. Santha and I are here researching "Magicians of the Gods", the sequel to "Fingerprints of this Gods". As I reported yesterday ( we have been working with local historian Jesus Gamarra whose lineage goes back to Inca times and beyond. Jesus is convinced that many of the monuments and structures attributed to the Incas are in fact the work of much earlier civilisations stretching back to ante-diluvian times, and that only the latest, inferior, layers of construction are the work of the Incas. Santha's photo shows at the base of this street corner in Cusco a block of gigantic bedrock which Jesus attributes to the most ancient "Hanan Pacha" culture that he associates with Atlantis. It is overbuilt by superbly-shaped cyclopean megalithic blocks that are the characteristic handiwork of the successor "Uran Pacha" culture, and finally on the right side we can see further overbuilding in inferior masonry by the much more recent "Ukun Pacha" culture of the historical Incas. I share the view of Jesus Gamarra that archaeology has made a huge mistake in attributing all these three very different phases to the Incas within the last 700 years, and that everywhere around Cusco the fingerprints of lost civilisations more than 12,000 years old are to be seen in plain view. What is charming is the way that the life of modern Cusco goes on around these earlier layers reminding us not only of the mystery but also of the continuity of culture in the Andes.
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I love all your research!  I agree with Robert, I can't wait!  Your faithful follower!
Graham, I find your work fascinating and a breath of fresh air in a world where the general consensus is that we know everything about the past, and the present.  

With regards the legend of Atlantis, much to my surprise I recently happened upon it's mention in a book pertaining to the Greek myths whilst I was reading around the subject of the titan Prometheus - the creator of mankind.  

I was of the assumption that the legend of Atlantis was solely alluded to in the historical record by Plato, which was in turn based on an earlier account by Solon.  In the book, there is a mention of an Egyptian legend of Atlantis (amongst others), and if it hasn't already appeared on your radar, may I recommend the book - 'The Greek Myths' by Robert Graves, 1960 edition.  The section pertaining to the titan Prometheus is recounted on page 140.

Never give up your pursuit of the truth.  I eagerly await future posts.
When I visited Cuzco and it's surrounding 34 years ago I said to me: This is not Inca. Until the years my reseach work goes almost conform with Grahams.
Unusual moment in time, the Graham Hancock versus TED petition just reached 1000 signatures, just as his theories on ancient India have been validated by their scholars, a rebuke to the skeptics and critics!

It is set to remain online another two decades, still open for signatures, and soon copies of the petition, signatures and comments will be forwarded to both TED and Graham. Synchronicity?
Ever since I was a wee lass I always felt that the early human history I was force-fed in school just didn't add up, and heaven forbid questions! Thank you for making it ok to ask "why?" when it needs to be asked, and for always making it clear that we "know" nothing, but can only theorize and hypothesize, for now, at least! My boyfriend and I are so excited for "Magicians of the Gods"; your other books, and various internet information had changed both our ways of looking at humans, both current, and historic, and the way we all interact with the world. I cannot thank you enough, and keep up the great work!
Hello my name is Philip Hancock, I would really like to speak with you if possible. You can reach me by email
Hello, Graham, thank you for everything you do!
I have translated into Russian your TED talk, and three other lectures too. Would you like to post links to them on your website? Here they are: - Грэм Хэнкок Война с Cознанием TEDx 2013

Plus Culture High documentary:

We translate a lot of Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake too. Their trialogues and everything.

Now we are translating your interview on RT.

You can contact me by e-mail, if you wish.

Thank you for your great books and courage! You inspire a lot of people!
Dear Mr. Hancock, as I watched your Virtual look at the Great Pyramid in Giza I was Stunned to see the shaft's in such a representation. As the film traveled through the structure I noticed something very Familiar. I was part of a machine- shop for 20 years. I feel you should know that we were machining part's Known as Wave Guide's for communication satellites. The shoulders or square steps in the tunnels are exactly how we built our parts.My family has a deep background in Flight-Test,NASA and DOD. My Hope is that this small Tidbit may add some Wind to your Sail's. If you ever have time to respond I believe it could add to you're Vast Endeavor. I'm extremely impressed with All of your presentations.Thank you for your time. Timothy R. Rich
I agree with 95% of what you say only i have more for your story more for your insight. A story thats chopped in so many ways you maybe able to help my truth to where yours will fall in balance. I have watched your god of war. From hiw he was created. To the place of his creation. I watched him be carried from north america. Into mexico as he be new born. His father of ape and lizard mix his mother of lizard and his future to be kidnapped by snakes and monstrous beings of all kinds from wich his origin he was made of many if not all dna intellegance that was once on earth. I watched as he was startled and fire from his right hand singed his mother and his father being bitten from behind by a snake. I seen as he was a child and a wich doctor of some sort. Did a ritual killing many. There came a evil soul from beyond and all who was there had fallen in death. And the child fallen over a voulchers back. As he lay week. Then to he was older being raised in caverns. As he run around in human form with a skull in one hand and his atachment to fire leaking from his other. Chasing small critters as he learned a love for torcher. I saw the gluttinous creatures with in who raised him to only roll around laughing as he tainted a peaceful world to no end. I seen him as he were a giant to many and still very yound put into the ground as many yrs past he then wrapped in the earth with roots covered and smothered around him. I watched as a creature ripped the roots from his beating chest and tour his face free. To see him rise as plated scale skin. And half human face. He began his wrath under and on the earth. Going to every corner of the world killing all the gods. I watched as he showed in india to find christiana the blue god. Slinging his left arm as it turned into a snake bitting and tareing away his neck and as the queen and king of egypt who were idle to stand by and watch there "god of war" the queen who seemed to feel as if she were his true mother. A reptile with red hair the king reptile who had none. As the war god laughed and christiana fell his queen startled and in fear.. The war god then reached with his snake arm grabbing her atop the head squeezed till her left eye popped from its socket and ravaged her to a new baby be bread in her whom. There will be a new breed of human grown in the bottom of a temple where you will not find any christiana in or on it. For in the deapths of its caverns the people will be slaved to shed blood as it is river flow to through the holes in the floor to the reptiles slithering with in. all the monuments in india has there god christiana on everything but blood temple of death for a food they must bring. For the energy in blood and the power of dwelling soul. Infused there kind. Anyway the god of war whose apetite for death knows of no bound he went deep in the earth killing all that apose. Burning the golden dragons to the insect people and the moles. He would walk on the earth and for the trees that had thrived growing into giants the god of war would burn them and the trees would wage war. And to no end his fire have no match. But there be a race that live with in the water who would some where tske on slowing his pace. I seen in iraq a giant of the giant trees looking from off the earth as a planet would be hit cracking and the bottom breaking away. The tree looks and laughs as that planets crust makes its way to hit earth and causeing a wierd loke green mist or a fire turning green from the mix in the heat. I watched all the earth and its life instantly turned to stone as trees fell over i watched souls flow from with in. I watched as god of war sat and turned into a mountain side and his mother or qeuun hug to him cring and laying next to his head her head the thoughts of him a baby and thoughts of him ageing. And weap for him as she turned to stoneon his side. I know its sound crazy i may be crazy. But i can show your eyes in away that i seen. And since i can show this with matter. Means you can see it and watch it too. I am not giving up the location to where it is written and where the painting and carvings be. But i can when your eye is open to see. Lift a stone he is there 
Have you ever read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth?
Wanted to contact u because i truly believe if u looked into the flat earth, u would encounter the largest hidden truth there is. I hav followed u 4 many years and think if u can overcome the initial hesitation u would c how very obvious it becomes that we r not a spinning ball hurling thru outer space. Instead we r the center of all that exists created with purpose and intention. The exact opposite of a random big bang universe. I truly think this is the biggest secret being kept from humanity. Thank u.
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