Thanks to all here who’ve said kind words about my first novel Entangled. I really appreciate it and find the positive comments very encouraging and life giving. Thanks also to all who have asked about progress on the second volume of Entangled. The answer in brief is that I ran into problems with my UK publisher who I felt didn’t support the book properly after my editor left. I have now moved to another publisher with my editor. This has involved some dancing around with the order in which books appear. I am now very close to finishing an entirely new book on a surprise topic, which I will announce here in due course, then I will get back to Entangled. A hundred pages of the second volume are written and I hope to complete it and have it out some time next year. The story, for both my heroines, has a long way to go and their adventures are far from over!

Meanwhile the special offer in the US on Volume 1 of Entangled for under a dollar remains in place until Sunday: See:


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Video trailer for the novel here:
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