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Since 2003 I've been working regularly with Ayahuasca, the sacred vine of the Amazon, and more recently I was introduced by the David Lynch Foundation to transcendental meditation. I have found both of these disciplines to be of great value in my life and explain why in an interview with Sonia Doubell uploaded to my Youtube channel here: Graham Hancock on Ayahuasca & Consciousness, interview with Sonia Doubell
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Good conversation. It's nice when Sonia starts to put in her views as well. I would like to hear you and David Icke discussing some of these topics, or just some of your take on his theories. I know Icke seems to be a little more on the extreme side of things, but I still think it would be a hell of a conversation.
Or even have you and Mr. Lynch sit down and talk, that would be amazing.
Fingerprints of the Gods is still the very pathbreaking composition of researched facts, ideas and historical traditions which boldly goes to new explanations about the past where traditional history fails to connect the large logic gaps in the timeline of mankind. And no Ancient Aliens hide inside, so it's safe for those readers getting a bad hair day with that topic. But also for friends of Erich von Däniken its fine, as both authors make a point of presenting mysterious artifacts and myths which can be seen all around the globe.
another great interview graham. cant wait to read your fiction works!
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