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Our band Digital Crafts Night is playing this Thursday night as part of H.P.'s event at the Asian Art Museum.

Thursday, Mar 17 
6–9 PM
$5 Thursday Nights, includes gallery general admission
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Last week I became intrigued with a photo of my grandmother and started to wonder, where exactly was it taken? I wrote up a little article to explain how we figured it out.

Some mysteries remain, such as who are the other two women in the photo?

“Becky’s Gang: Tracking Down Mysteries In An Old Family Photo” @lorem_ipsum

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I'm impressed. G+ looked at my photos and made this animation automagically.
Animated Photo

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#bilinskitunes #googlemusic

INSANISALE! Hundreds of thousands of albums at $4.99 (including the one below) and millions of tracks at $0.49. It's a great time to stock up on albums you've been meaning to buy for a while now. Check out Android Market for the sale:

This was one of my top 50 albums of the year, but I only had it on vinyl so at $4.99 I didn't mind buying it again to share with people. While not as good as Sunset Tree (, a new Mountain Goats album is always going to be good. John Darnielle continues to put out solid albums year after year.

I'm really annoyed by commercials before movies. We all paid to get in already and now we're a captive audience. La-di-da everyone's cool with it though.

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I only just noticed that Twitter copied the favicon for my website.
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