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Hey everyone.
I'm in the process of evolving, which includes a new gmail address.... which means a new public profile.
If you want to continue to keep in touch with me, please go to my new profile and Follow me there. I will be cutting back from this one by the end of the month.

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Forgive me for being on FB more than G+ lately.... Some days, though, it seems like everyone is there... plus, I run a few different pages on the Book.

BUT, today I wanted to reshare this thing I wrote yesterday on the FB, because, well....

I love when I can combine my creativity and technical know-how with a non-profit project that will be of great use once it is complete. I also love seeing the different hats I wear supporting each other through this process. Does this mean I am becoming my whole self?

For those that are wondering, I'm using my skills as Sunfire - Web Developerto build a website under Vet Corps at Wenatchee Valley College, as a resource hub to benefit all of the Veterans and their service organizations in North Central Washington. It's finally moving from idea stage to prototype stage. Plus, the more I share about it with my different networks, the more support comes in and keeps me moving forward with the project.

I hope to have something ready to show off in the next month - still working on design tweaks and content right now, though. Soon, I promise.

With that, I will try to be here more.

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Its amazing for me how dumb many developers are even today and dont follow the number one golden rule ive learned in my PHP starter days.

Comically, i said a few days ago that you can intercept such transfers with Wireshark in a conversation with +Ramsez Stamper 


Not totally sure what's up with this new G+, as I have apparently been away for a while - anyone care to fill me in? Or is it no big deal?

I'm fairly tech-competent, so I shouldn't have much trouble getting the hang of it... Just wondering what the biggest changes are, so I can handle it properly.


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While I just defined myself as NOT a millennial, this article is still very relatable for me.

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This is who I am - glad to see if acknowledged that we are a smaller generation that really doesn't fit anywhere else.

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This week's exhibit is full of cute outfits for the little ones in your life. Thanks to Linda Gallery@Kingston for the picks!

#handmade   #zibbet   #zibbetexhibit   #knit   #crochet   #baby  

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