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iPhoneography Friday
Welcome to the #iPhoneographyFriday homepage, +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez, curators.
Welcome to the #iPhoneographyFriday homepage, +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez, curators.

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The National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation Summit Meeting
Martinelli Event Center, Livermore, California

The sun sets over the rolling Livermore hills as an informative day of presentations comes to close, and a few hours of socializing over wine from the local winery begins.

Including +Powerline Friday  by +Natosha Davis ,
and +iPhoneography Friday by +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez.

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When faced with tradition, she simply observed with admiration.

On my last day in Tokyo, before heading off to the airport I made one last stop with +Yumi Shoji at my favorite place to visit in the city. The Meiji Jingu Shrine. This is a place that I visit on each and every visit to Japan. And since my first trip, I've never taken pictures there beyond the sake barrels that greet visitors on the main walkway near the major entrance. As beautiful as the area is, I just prefer to walk through the woods of this area without a camera to my face. And my memories of this place are so rich that I haven't felt the need to capture it digitally. 

On this particular morning, we stopped in front of these beautiful barrels to admire the fine calligraphy and creative artwork that marked the barrels. These barrels have always been quite attractive and they're always perfectly clean, as a worker checks on them every morning. When Yumi stepped forward for a closer look, I decided to take out my trusty iPhone and snap this shot. Honestly, this is just another great memory that I'll never forget. But if I can get Yumi in a photo somehow, it always adds a little bonus to my day.

and also for #iPhoneographyFriday  curated by +Jose Vazquez and +Christianna Pierce. It's too bad to see such a fun theme go, but it was a great ride while it lasted. And I have to say that this theme couldn't have had better curators than Jose and Christianna. ;-)

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Late autumn clouds over the vineyard, Sonoma County, California.

Final contribution to #iphoneographyfriday and many thanks to +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez for curating this theme.

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#iphoneography curated by +Christianna Pierce and +Jose Vazquez +iPhoneography Friday

Daily Slog
The escalators from the train platform to the bus stop
Howard St. Station

It is one of the worst station in the Chicago Transit Authority system so far as photography is concerned.  Even though the CTA website says photography is permitted along the train system, there is one particular CTA employee in this station that screams at people photographing - even with an iPhone saying that photography is not allowed.  It seems like the powers that be don't really tell their personnel about their policy and that personnel don't read their policy. 

That's the dysfunctional CTA for you.

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A pano from my iPhone, no filters, the sky was a marvellous garden tonight [bonus points for those that get the song ref] .....Australia, your light is awesome. 

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Walk in the snow ..... Bring the look to the sky and just be happy to see and hear a flight of starlings .... They'll captivate me for a long time to follow their dancing cloud above the vineyards.....  

Wish you a sweet weekend googlers and followers !!! :))


Day 343.
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