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Obscurity Lover.

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Update 1
Sorry it's been a while since my last post but I've been seriously ill for the past year and I'm just about getting back to normal. I did say I'd do some pros and cons of leaving teaching so here goes: Pros I got my life back. I feel a lot more relaxed. My ...

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Feature - The Death of Horror? - Part 5
Part 5 Just a quick one this time as we look at the curse of: Mobile Phones In the past, it was so much easier. If your victim was in a house, cut the phone line. If they were outside, in a wood perhaps, then no worries (unless there was a phone box knockin...

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Feature - The Death of Horror? - Part 4
Part 4 This time we'll look at something that is not a problem in itself, but it has certainly caused some major problems in recent times: Budget Film-making technology is now affordable to pretty much anyone. A DSLR and relatively cheap (£200) editing soft...

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Feature - The Death of Horror? - Part 3
Part 3 Here we go then with the third instalment of our horror feature and this time we'll have a look at: The Nastiness Factor This isn't about whether a film was on the most prestigious Nasties list which elevated films to a must-see status (some rightly ...

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Feature - The Death of Horror? - Part 2
Part 2 In the last feature we looked at why atmosphere is so important in horror films, yet is sadly lacking in many modern horrors. This time I'm going to focus on another area that I feel is essential in any great genre film: Likeable Characters In Robert...

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Feature - The Death of Horror?
I have had a love of horror films since being very young. I was given a book about horror films (mainly Hammer films as I remember) containing lots of lurid images for one of my early birthdays. (One of my favourites images was the sewn up autopsy bloke fro...

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Mini-Review - Stalker (1979 - Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky)
If you appreciate and get this film (as many people seem to) then that's all well and good. For me it was two and a half hours of people wandering around in fields, stopping for a long chat about existential type stuff that for me was virtually indecipherab...

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Mini-Review - Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012 - Dir. Takayuki Hirao)
Due to the time pressures of not having been too well recently and trying to get more painting done to start a new art career, I've been struggling to get many reviews written. So what I've decided is that I'll write longer reviews for really good (or bad) ...

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Feature - The Battle of the Seasons Update
The FA Cup of Actors has been a long season but let's find out how it fares against our other lovely seasons: 13. The Luc Besson Season = 2 (Average rating for the entire season) 12. The Musical Season = 3.2 11. The Sword and Sorcery Season = 4.4 10. The 80...

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Feature - New Year Honours List 2014
Many apologies for the lateness of this but I thought that I'd better wait to see who'd won the FA Cup of Actors . Although in a truly perverse obscurendure  fashion the winner isn't included in this list. In fact, neither of the finalists are. Some people ...
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