- Funding, money-lending, any kind of financial deal. Perhaps it was me, perhaps a very specific area/people, but all what matters is the result: I don't want to deal with banks, financial/lending institutions or similar at all. I will repay what I owe them as soon as I will decide to do so (not precisely my top priority at the moment. Note that I feel obligated by what I consider fair and some of these "companies" have behaved well...), but don't want to deal with all this infra-world ever again.
- Outsourcing services (programming, writing, translation, design, etc.). I will never outsource any hired work. I am also taking care of all my own (self-promotional) needs, even for what isn't exactly part of my core expertise (e.g., design of and; perhaps not too pretty, but at least quite myself-ish).
- Marketing, SEO, promotional or any kind of generic/reaching-many offers. I know from my experience that this isn't for me.
- Hypocrite, showing-but-not-really-having, (mis)interpretation-prone, abstract, generic, impersonal offers/ideas/expectations/people of any kind and for any purpose.
- Business, managerial, non-technical, exclusively-money-concerned, cheap-deal-seeking or similar attitudes, companies and expectations.
- Spamm-ish, invasive, disrespectful, imposing, arbitrary or equivalent attitudes/people spontaneously deciding to bother me.
- Coward-, behind-my-back-, dishonesty-, unfairness-, group-, prejudice-based whatever (BTW, I expect the responsibility of these "people" for all what their fanaticism might have provoked to always remain).

Remember that internet is a very big place where you don't need to bother/be bothered if you don't want (certainly not by me). Also bear in mind that other people (or, at least, I) might not care at all about your whole world of concerns, hopes and dreams. What about everyone being happy by doing what they want and dealing with the people they like by avoiding unnecessary problems and wastes of time? I am all for this, although I will certainly not be patient/tolerant/understanding with disrespectful and invasive "people" expecting any kind of arbitrary nonsense negatively affecting me to prevail.
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