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This is just to highlight that the two apparently-sensible/knowledgeable hiring options which I thought that I found proved to be (sugar-coated infra-versions of pretty much) the same crap. A while ago I got the most disappointing email ever! (getting the purest form of crap when you expect a bit from someone isn't a nice experience).

Being ignored and/or waiting very long and/or having to tolerate the stupidest fears/prejudices/expectations and/or dealing with the emptiest crap anyone could have ever imagined! So many resources managed so poorly by people knowing so little! Horribly disappointing!

I guess that I deserve it! After all, I want to be honest, straightforward, fair, to put technical aspects/objectivity first and to work as hard as required to make sure that everything goes exactly as expected. How can I even dream about getting what I want with that attitude? LOL.

Well... I am sure about something: I will continue doing things properly, not caring about any ridiculous concern/prejudice/fear, not tolerating any kind of arbitrariness and always trying to deliver the objectively best results. If the ("programming") world wants crap, this would be their problem. I will be here benefiting just myself with my work, getting my expectations every day higher and waiting for non-stupidity to ever become the general rule (in internet).

Another version of what I am describing: Not even a simple "hi" 3 days after having created the issue! Even though that individual has arbitrarily, unfairly, unmotivatedly, unreasonably, etc. called my domain-ranking bots (over 1 year of unpaid work already!) "bad bots"!! Seriously, what is wrong with people (in internet)?

Anyway... back to my silence.
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With my public activity, I refer to my self-promotional, unpaid, (unreasonably) unrewarded efforts to showcase my skills, not to my paid work. I will probably/hopefully always work as a programmer and remotely. Internet will always be an important part of my professional activity, my main communication channel with clients/employers.

When I get paid to work on whatever development only the given client & I need to have access to it. There might be some publicly visible outputs, but mostly unintended. In fact, a relevant part of my self-promotional resources are online but not public. For example, code of my sites, algorithm of QuickSearch or web domain ranking (algorithm of bots, local/online storage, communication, etc.).

BOTTOM LINE 1: I am not getting paid for most of what you see. It is just my "store window", the approach I decided to take when starting Custom Solvers 2.0 to help appealing-to-me clients understand my skills and expectations. A decision which I don't regret.

BOTTOM LINE 2: having to systematically write evident, ideally unnecessary, but apparently required (ironically, not by appealing-to-me potential clients) clarifications like this one is the main reason for said pause.
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Since I firstly started Custom Solvers 2.0, I was fully aware about the huge difficulty ahead, although never guessed its format. I thought that the main problem was finding people thinking like me, able and willing to appreciate what I do. I was even ready to accept non-ideal alternatives like practical attitudes letting me do what I know best and just enjoying the results. I was expecting my (unpaid) over-effort/commitment (= my public self-promotional activity) to overcome any problem.

I was wrong. The main difficulty wasn't transmitting what I wanted/liked/had to my presumably tiny, difficult-to-find audience, but all the remaining people neither sharing my views nor wanting to properly understand/know me?! The more I explained, the worse this invasive, in-denial subworld became?! Having to address ridiculous concerns of people about whom I don't even care?!

Long story short: I will stop posting everywhere and releasing new public codes/pieces of software. Logically, I will finish all the pending public developments ASAP, namely: FeedAny, DateParser Java, QuickSearch v. 1 and web domain ranking (improvements + continue running it). I might eventually resume my public/self-promotional activity, but I am not sure.
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In the attached image, you can see a new sample of ridiculously sad attempts to accomplish “something” in New proof of the difficulty to understand the apparently easy concept "developed completely from scratch" and apparently evident conclusions like "finding something there by trial and error is virtually impossible" (= you don't know anything about the underlying structure, file/folder names or even if you have the slightest chance to get anything valuable at all).

There isn't anything special about this new sample of extremely ignorant, in-denial, dishonest, obsessive, etc. “behaviours”. That IP isn't even associated with a big search engine (a quite common scenario, as proven by some of my previous posts). I will not even try to think about the eventuality that this new pathetic visit might have been the reaction to something I recently did/said. For all intents and purposes, this is just a new stupid bot performing stupid actions.

So, why am I writing this new post (+ including "farewell" in the title)? Because this will be one of my last posts in this account and I thought that including one last reference to the crazy bots (obsessively, ridiculously, pathetically) visiting my sites was the best idea. I just opened the visitor log and took the last sample of weirdness I could find. I will write a new post in brief explaining the farewall part.
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Today I had my second not-that-bad interview of the week. The best part? Talking to (apparently) knowledgeable people able and willing to listen and to properly understand! Also being allowed to show even just a tiny bit of my technical skills!

After spending a relevant amount of time looking for apparently-compatible-with-me companies/positions and applying as a senior developer by putting a huge effort on transmitting my expectations regarding mostly caring about technical aspects, these have been two of the few cases during the last 2 months where I have been able to even talk to another (experienced enough) developer!

I have got a relevant number of rejections so far! Two of them in record time (5 minutes and less than 1 hour after applying, respectively). Most of my interactions have been with either automated systems or people with minimum programming (even computer!) knowledge! And I have been mostly contacting small companies eminently concerned about technical aspects! I have also got a few polite/personalised rejections, but most of them still part of more or less arbitrary preliminary filtering processes.

These two interviews weren't precisely perfect. Or perhaps these companies are looking for someone different. At least, they have a bit of understanding about me, my knowledge and expectations; consequently, they will certainly be making (right/wrong but) informed decisions. None of the aforementioned companies, including the ones rejecting me politely, have that knowledge!

Really happy to see some hiring approaches making a bit of sense and looking forward to this becoming the new (online senior-programmer) hiring standard.
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Some people might think that I am systematically complaining and that am not happy with anything; mainly regarding finding clients, going through hiring/recruiting "peculiarities" or similar. But this isn't true; I am mostly disappointed, even sad, by seeing so many potentially-beneficial-for-everyone situations being systematically and unmotivatedly wasted. So much ignorance disguised as arbitrary requirements and assessments.

Additionally, all my critics pursue the same goal: contributing towards improving. I cannot even understand empty critics which aren't after (positive) changes. I see lots of things wrong in the online hiring, recruiting, technical-assessment fronts and I want the whole system to improve. To be better for me and for everyone else.

I am starting to find some interesting alternatives, among both middlemen (helping developers and clients to get in touch) and development companies (directly hiring developers). Ironically, I almost missed the last email I got from one of these companies (no idea, what is happening during the last days with my web/email server; in principle, I trust in my hosting provider doing a good job).

What are the most relevant features of these doing-things-properly game changers?
- Talking personally, honestly and clearly. No bots, automated answers, forever waiting periods, abstract really-saying-nothing replies, etc.
- Wanting to properly understand. I have even met people with low-to-no technical knowledge being really good at that when dealing with technical aspects. It is as simple as just asking and listening, mainly when you don't know about that specific something.
- No generic assessments; or even using them, but by adequately weighting their conclusions. No blind trust in abstract truths, words (or "technologies" or years of experience, understood as absolute requirements) or performing coding tests under extremely limited time conditions (what is the exact point of doing such a nonsense!!?? Not wasting time? On exchange of what? Of coming up with a ridiculously inaccurate assessment of my skills?).

Basically, accepting the reality and acting accordingly. A person with no knowledge about something cannot seriously think that can assess others' expertise, mainly when dealing with senior positions. Even a very knowledgeable person can't reliably assess someone's suitability/skills without relying on the adequate means! Why isn't that evident for everyone? And what about all the generic, saying nothing, hypocrite crap? Do the people sending that nonsense seriously think about how they would feel if they got such a reply, or none at all, after applying for a job? No interaction with anyone, no chance to prove anything! In some cases, they don't even look or do the slightest to understand the resources you provide!!

I am very happy to start seeing some sensible attitudes allowing remote (programming) work to become what it should have been since long time ago: a perfectly fine alternative for those having the knowledge and the willingness to rely on that format.
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A sad sample of ridiculous morning spam has made me think that I should perhaps clarify some issues which might not be so straightforward for some people.

When I talk about "my business", I mean "my work". I am self-employed and, consequently, my work doesn't only consist in focusing on whatever engineering/programming aspects, but also on finding clients, promoting myself, etc. As defined in the attitude 2.0 pages (, all these actions basically boil down to being patient, clearly/honestly transmitting what I do/like/want and doing everything myself (even what aren't my strongest suits like web-design or public relationships). So, 100% of what is associated with Custom Solvers 2.0 has been done by me (same ideas apply to varocarbas, my personal nickname since many years ago).

As far as I work online (= remotely = my clients can be located anywhere), internet is the place where I have to do all my self-promotional/client searching efforts. Logically, my two sites are my main resources (both of them completely done, maintained, etc. by me): and They are somehow different because of representing two different aspects of my activity, more official/formal vs. more technical/R&D.

There is a specific issue that might be a bit difficult to understand for some people: why isn't mobile friendly and is? Similarly to what happens with pretty much every other aspect of my online activity, you can find a clear explanation about this issue in

There are two main ideas which, in case of doubt, could be applied almost blindly to my activity:

- If you don't like or understand a relevant part of what I do/write or similar, you should see it as an indication of this not being your place. Logically, nobody is perfect and you might not like some things I do without caring too much about them; in that case, this paragraph wouldn't be applicable to you. This is applicable to in-denial, lost, invasive, etc. souls blindly believing in whatever idea and in that they can impose it on me. LOL. No, you can't. Actually, you can't impose anything on anyone, although some people might be less aware about that fact or more docile to arbitrariness or more insecure/ignorant. I am certainly not. You are welcome to try to convince me about changing on whatever front, but as far as my ideas are quite clear your chances are actually quite low (by assuming ideal conditions like a very sensible person with a really good point and excellent arguments; in any other case, the chances are simply zero).

- If you see something objectively wrong or faulty or clearly improvable in any part of my public activity, it would most likely mean that I haven't realised about it yet (lots of things, just me, public/promotional activity for which I am not being immediately rewarded, etc.). I might even be considering a different alternative which isn't truly faulty for a specific audience. Or perhaps I am simply accepting the restrictions associated with the given conditions (e.g., wanting to make everything myself and being quite bad at design, but preferring to have a website completely done by myself). Lack of knowledge or willingness to do things properly will never be the justification for anything related to my online activity. Bear in mind that this is the main promotional channel of the product (service, actually) which I am offering, basically (efficiently) solving whatever (programming/engineering) problem.

Lastly, I want to re-insist in the fact that I will never, absolutely under any circumstance, outsource any hired work. Even some years ago, when Custom Solvers was more than just Alvaro Carballo Garcia, I was never paid to perform a work which was actually done by others (everyone always got their credit, in quite a few cases, even without really deserving it). My solid principles/expectations have always been a very important part of my work/life (clue to understand some of my humour/sarcasm, BTW). In any case, I did meet quite a few people with tremendously poor understanding skills and lots of lacks on many fronts (no principles, knowledge or self-awareness) who helped me realise that nothing is too evident; that's why you can find now many clear explanations about each single bit of my activity/personality/expectations. So, any misinterpretation (+ potential consequences) will certainly be your fault and provoked by your lack of care/effort/understanding/(self-)acceptation/etc.
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I have been observing a new regular(ly stupid) pattern among the pathetically nonsensical bots which visit my two sites, mainly very long, gibberish-ish paths?!

I do have seen (+ posted here) this specific sub-type of idiocy before. What is new now is the high number of repetitions. The attached picture (real Yandex bot because I have no fixation with the Google bot, but it has been very active on the performing-ridiculously-nonsensical-visits front and that's why I have posted so much about it) illustrates quite well a relevant number of visits which my site has been getting during the last days.

If you don't know too much about computers/internet/web/etc (e.g., you are one of the authors/operators of these good-for-nothing craps), note that the given path has to be exactly matched within the given server (caps included). Another issue is that I could store whatever I would like in the server (kind of power which comes with the fact of being the only person dealing with all this :)) and not grant access to anyone (not via HTTP/HTTPS, not in any way). So, the basic requirement for that visit to make any sense is the hard drive including a folder defined exactly by "/fplNe/WdlpZ/dgSVY/QcjpZ/hbPRP/". It also implies that I grant HTTP access to anyone in the world to go to that folder?! For what exactly? To show my horrible naming skills?! LOL. Where could have anyone come with such an (evidently non-existent, now or ever) URL?!

Bear in mind that the whole point of is showcasing my business (= myself remotely working as a programmer) and that I am extremely interested in everyone seeing each single bit which I have created there (or anywhere else). All my public activity is unpaid, tiring, not-too-rewarding self-promotion meant to attract appealing to me (+ me appealing to them) clients. Making sure that everyone can easily and quickly find/see all what I do is a very important part of that effort! Ah! Crazy bots! Every day more crazy, more stupid and more pathetic!

Anyway, remember that I am writing all the relevant stuff (logically, this is extremely unimportant) in the brand-new RSS feeds (English) and (Spanish).
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I have set up a simplistic web application ( allowing to get an immediate idea about the most relevant feature of QuickSearch 0.5: quickly searching for a specific record.

Additionally to the last release of QuickSearch 0.5 for Linux 64 bit (, it relies on a slightly modified version of the PHP adapter (

Note that including this application in or isn't possible due to the relevant restrictions in the shared-server hosting plans of both sites. Other relevant issue is that this is just a temporary and secondary (download QuickSearch and do much better tests yourself!) setup which I might remove for different reasons like having too much/less traffic.

NOTE: this is an exact copy of the last update in the English version of the RSS feed ( Remember that I will be writing there (+ in the Spanish alternative about any relevant issue.
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- has its own RSS feeds ( and where I am planning to refer whatever issue I consider relevant. It already contains some descriptive samples which give a good idea about what you should expect from it. You can also take a look at its (PHP) source code in

- Improvements in the RSS feed of the web domain ranking ( from now on, it will be including top 1000, 1001-2500, 2501-5000 and 5001-10000 positions.

- I am working on an open-source application (written in Perl) expected to generate RSS feeds from random webpages with a compatible format (e.g., the page where you are reading this post) right away (= via HTML parsing). To know more about this, check my updates in the brand new RSS feeds :)
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