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The user referred in my previous post (Pzixel) has come back to me and I wrote a new reply (likely to be deleted soon?! Probably). These two messages represent an excellent epilogue to my previous post and to its underlying intention: clearly describing what I will never, under absolutely any circumstance, like, tolerate, be understanding/afraid of. Hopefully some people will (finally) understand and stop making fools of themselves.


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Someone might wonder why I have stopped considering the option of contributing further to the open .NET projects (e.g., CoreCLR, CoreFX, Roslyn, etc.). Mainly when my intention some months ago was completely different; I was even thinking about converting this kind of open-source contributions in my main activity.

A short while ago has happened something which is very descriptive on this front. I think that the 3 comments in the attached picture provide a quite good summary.

More context:
- Some months ago (after quite a few very aggressive, driving-nowhere, censoring-prone, etc. interactions with different people and in different issues), I decided to stop actively contributing to all the open .NET projects. I asked moderators to close my pending tickets and to not expect my participation in additional discussions. I have made just one exception: notified a Visual Studio bug which I found while testing the first version of DateParser (, although by clearly highlighting my intention of not having an active participation.
- I was referred at the start of the referred issue ( because it is similar to a previous one I answered, which was also closely related to my only CoreCLR committed improvement (, which is discussed in detail in Project 7 ( In summary, I know perfectly that part of the code .NET/mscorlib code.
- I posted a first comment including a descriptive enough summary about my knowledge on this issue and what I thought that the most likely expectations should be. Nobody seemed to care about it.
- Pzixel proposed a complete nonsense (the whole PR was quite unrealistic since the first moment): relying on a System.Numerics resource (= complex part of the .NET languages, including C#) to improve a part exclusively written in C/C++ and unsafe C# (= the most basic parts, before even reaching the .NET/managed stage). But I didn't say a word until today when that conversation evolved further.
- I wrote a clear post (which, logically, I cannot include) explaining that this part is very difficult to be improved, but only C/C++/unsafe C# alternatives can be considered anyway. I (respectfully) recommended that person to do some tests to understand the situation better and, as a farewell, I included a comment on the lines of "better understanding properly what you are talking about before suggesting anything".
- The next thing I know is that I got the shown message from karelz + my aforementioned message was deleted.

I will not even say that this is incredible, unacceptable, nothing-to-do-with-technical stuff/what open .NET is supposed to be, because this is exactly what open .NET has proven to be. My first participation there was certainly bad and I did think that perhaps it was my fault, that I should have a different attitude and be more understanding with the huge variety of people and expectations there. No, I was certainly wrong. This (= as defined by these three comments) and the aforementioned context is what open .NET is exactly about. You might get involved in a priori more logical for an open-source software community situations but, eventually, you might have to bear things like that (not sure even how to call them).

No idea if it is because of me, because of certain people, because of certain conditions. All what I know is that I don't want to be part of any of this. I might eventually use it as a channel to communicate with the .NET team (as in the aforementioned bug report), but by reducing my communication with anyone there to its minimum expression. My behaviour next time when I see a nonsense on the aforementioned lines will be plainly ignoring it by actually accepting the reality (= reasoning with certain people isn't an option and/or my work isn't teaching anyone how to behave).

UPDATE: karelz has deleted my last comment to that Pzixel (the one being displayed in the first picture!!) again for the same reason!? He is also saying that he wants to explain me everything via email. Here you have this snapshot too!! (I was soooo offensive to that poor person?!?! Seriously, what is wrong with some people?). Logically, I will write a new comment, likely to be also deleted, referring to this post; although I think that the .NET team is already quite aware about my opinion regarding their policies. What does he want to explain me? That this isn’t his fault that he is plainly doing what the PC department is forcing him to do? And why should I care/be understanding with that? I contribute for free to the growth of their code and, what I have on exchange? Arbitrary public (!! and I work online!) attacks which I have to tolerate? Perhaps I don’t have too much money and finding clients under the conditions I want is extremely difficult, but at least I am extremely proud of each single actions I made and I don’t need to defend/justify nonsense. I don’t need to be a liar or an hypocrite or to smile to the incoherent nonsense of in-denial people. And you want to also get this away from me?! What is this?! LOL. I feel so much sadness and pity that I cannot stop laughing at the, unfortunately too common lately, nonsensical expectations which I see online. People are systematically exchanging minor advantages for self-respect?! Extremely sad!

To anyone wondering what I mean exactly with looking for clients thinking like me and being more technically focused, all what I am explaining here represents the absolute opposite to anything which I will ever accept, endorse, justify, etc. under absolutely any circumstance. I am not referring just to pure censorship and arbitrary impositions, but to ignorance expecting to prevail (all the relevant technical contents deleted?!) and to people randomly and unfairly feeling attacked (I have to carefully choose the words I am using when talking about technical stuff?!) expecting to be tolerated?! Excellent manual to help (self-) track/recognise "if you are like this, please, keep as far away from me and my business as you can"-kind of people.

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I have started the development of a standalone application aiming to speed up simplistic searches in a wide variety of data sources; even to represent a limited-scope alternative for databases.

Its initial motivation is to improve the performance of the Domain Ranking databases (both local and in, running under limited hardware resources. That's why its first version will only be compatible with MySQL/MariaDB.

I am planning to develop it in C and, for the time being, will not be publicly releasing the source code. In any case, I will be sharing lots of information through the log of the corresponding ResearchGate project (

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I am seriously making a really big effort to not care about nonsensical stupidity around me (crazy bots or other), because I do have seriously accepted it. But sometimes it is too much! What is wrong with some people?! Why are they having so extremely weird behaviours whose only goal is being ridiculous?

Again, I have no problems with Google or with GoogleBot, I am plainly highlighting the reality: no idea what is wrong with this bot or with the "people" managing it, but keeps coming to to visit nonsensical pages (never existed and with no relationship with me or my business). And additionally it regularly changes the crazy target!? Every time with the official bot!! It is so incredibly stupid, nonsensical, pathetic, etc. that here I come once again to share a new output of this illness (I cannot think of any other expression to describe these behaviours). I mean... this isn't precisely the primary intention of this post, but it might help someone in their team to realise about some people with serious problems who might need some help.

As you can see in the attached picture, today it came to visit
/index.php/2016/04/22/a-week-helping-the-homeless/ ?!! In the site of a small engineering consultancy specialising in software development, which has never had such a page (why?! for what?!) and not even the file structure which this link suggests (a blog?! BTW, yesterday I got a quite curious spam email offering me a way to improve my blog visibility?! A conspiracy of crazily stupid idiots performing pathetically nonsensical actions?!).

And as said, this is the official google bot ( coming from nowhere (from their own database?! From a record which was put there by whom and for what reason?!).

Will this be the last reference to this kind of pathetic samples of pure craziness? Honestly, not sure because some "people" seem to have taken my claim of having fully accepted stupidity as a challenge and to be very committed to surprise me further. What can I say? If you want to prove me that you can deliver a much more crazily stupid behaviour than what I have already seen (and I have seen a loooot on this front), why not having an open mind about it? Perhaps you are right and you are in fact much more crazy, stupid and pathetic than what I can even imagine. Why ignoring your efforts to impress me? Additionally, it is quite funny :)



I have finished what, for the time being, will be all the documentation for the Java version of UnitParser (+ upcoming FlexibleParser conversions):
- Readme files in the GitHub repository (
- Pages in (ES: and (ES:

As suggested in these pages, you might also want to take a look at the much more relevant resources of the .NET/C# version (e.g., the video showing the main UnitParser features

I am planning to finish the conversion to Java of the second (NumberParser) and third (DateParser) parts by next month. Afterwards, I will start working on the promised relevant modification of DateParser (the pending pages about this part will be finished by the current month).

Two reminders:
- The main goal of FlexibleParser (all the parts and versions) is to show my programming skills. I am certainly happy with random programmers using these libraries, but I would be much happier with potential clients analysing these codes while assessing my suitability for a given job.
- Check regularly, only place where I am planning to soon start writing all the FlexibleParser updates.


You can already download a Java (8) version for the last UnitParser code (UnitParser.dll from the new repository in my GitHub account:
- Code:
- Binaries: (including all the javadoc public comments) and (just functionalities)
- Javadoc:
- Test code:

I am still not sure about how I will face the documentation aspects, as far as the resources of the original C# version are already quite relevant and nobody should find serious problems with the tiny differences (much less the target audience here: programmers). In any case, I will certainly write some basic stuff like readme files or some pages in Meanwhile, just look at the C# resources and, in case of finding any problem, compare both test codes (you can get the C# one from

Check the project log in regularly for more updates.


I have created new DLLs for all the FlexibleParser parts so far (UnitParser, NumberParser and DateParser), which can already be downloaded from the usual places (, and the corresponding / pages).

All the new versions are identical to the previous ones, except for UnitParser.dll where I have fixed a minor bug (and with minor I mean that it is quite unlikely that anyone using this library will be ever dealing with that scenario).

I have taken advantage from the upcoming release of the Java versions (the first one, UnitParser, will be ready within the next few days, just check my GitHub account or to put a bit of order in the honestly-too-messy versioning structure so far. From now on, the following rules will be applied:

- All the versions will be numbered from (or the sounding-identically-at-least-to-me 1.0.7000 of the associated NuGet package) upwards. Logically, the higher the number, the better the given DLL file.

- All the parts will be numbered independently upon each other. Right now, the versions are: (UnitParser.dll), (NumberParser.dll) and (DateParser.dll). The FlexibleParser version will be given by the average of all the constituent-part versions.

- Equivalent version numbers will denote similar quality. In principle, the older versions are likely to continue being better, although I might spend more time on a newer part and provoke its version to grow beyond an older one. BTW, I will deliver the relevant modifications which I was expecting to do in DateParser later than planned, because I will be firstly focusing on finishing all the conversions to Java.


I (= Alvaro Carballo Garcia) am a remotely-working (-> initially, a forced decision; currently, the format which I love and to which I will continue sticking. Note that I have never got a single client in my current location, curiously my home town) experienced programmer (mechanical engineer by education) eminently interested in dealing with (programming) knowledgeable and/or adequately-appreciating-my-work people, who are also assumed to have objective, honest and fair expectations. I have been using English at work since quite a few years ago (I always write code in English) and that's why I am almost exclusively focused on the English-speaking world. All the pages in my main website ( are written in both English and Spanish, but most of my remaining contributions are only in English.

I fully accept my (honestly, far from ideal) current situation (that's why I am quite happy, a statement which I repeat a lot due to the serious problems which some people seem to have to accept it). I am not in hurry. I will not bargain or accept unfair/imposing/dishonest conditions (not about greediness, just about fairness: I want to give a lot and be rewarded accordingly). I will not tolerate anyone's nonsense because don't expect anyone to tolerate mine. I will be plainly delivering objectively-correct, honest and fair (software-development/engineering) outputs and only want to deal with people able/willing to adequately appreciate them.

To know more about me (education, skills, expectations, evolution or even ideas on non-technical fronts), visit (my main site), (my R&D-focused site) or any of my online profiles (listed in by bearing in mind that I am the sole author of all what you can find in any of these places. In case of having even the slightest doubt on any front, please ask me directly (via any of my public profiles, the contact forms in my sites or by using the contact information displayed there).

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Is anyone wondering how are things regarding the extremely crazy bots; more specifically the Google-bot (the legit ones?!) obsessively looking for furniture-, decoration-related stuff in (a 1-person custom-software-development engineering consultancy never related with such a thing)?!

Everything continues as so far. I get around 1-5 daily visits of this type. They are lately not even coming from any fake URL, but right away to (invented) pages. Attached to this post you can see their last visit. Both my sites are also still getting lots of visits from many bots (some times from search-engines/webpages, other times not clearly linked to anything) performing equivalently stupid(ly obsessive and pointless) actions like visiting nonsense (never was + never will be + nothing to do with what the sites are about), performing extremely naive attempts (+ showing the very limited knowledge of their authors on many fronts) to kind of break in the sites, visiting the same page over and over hundreds of times (bots visiting the front page every 1/2 minutes for hours is quite common), etc.

Obsession, stupidity, fanaticism, craziness, etc. have so little meaning to me lately. Better: I don't feel even slightly annoyed or sad or similar by them, because of having fully accepted the reality that they represent a big proportion of the world (a part which I was naively completely unaware of until relatively recently?!).

To know more about me fully accepting stupidity as a side reality present everywhere, take a look at this Slashdot post (focused on spam):

DISCLAIMER (mostly addressed to stupids, the only ones needing evident clarifications on these lines): acceptation doesn't imply taking advantage of the situation (e.g., manipulating idiots for my own gain) or surrendering to it (e.g., becoming an idiot/being understanding with stupidity). It only implies a modification of my behaviour with respect to that reality: from trying to reason and help understand to not doing anything, other than laughing at their expense and waiting for them to realise/pay for each single affecting-others action which they have ever made in application of their deluded perception of reality (understanding of others, their position in the world, etc.).


I had some free minutes and decided to modify the titles in the FlexibleParser pages, as a preparation for the upcoming Java versions. Note that I have written each single character of my two sites and, although the codes of both of them are quite myself-friendly, is a bit too complex (not exactly messy, but not too well structured). Bear in mind that the structure/purpose of that site has been evolving for some time and it contains a relevant amount of information. In any case, I can logically fix immediately any error in any of these sites, although knowing about them might be a bit more difficult.

While performing the aforementioned simple modification, I realised about an error in the titles of some FlexibleParser pages. As said, once found, fixing it is immediate (although this time I spent a bit longer because also improved some other parts). The last time when I modified this part was various weeks ago, so that error has been there for a while. It wasn't too serious (just part of the title information was wrong), but it does give a kind of bad impression. Although building websites isn't my business and, ideally, potential clients should look at actually-descriptive-of-my-relevant-skills online samples (e.g., the FlexibleParser code), every little counts and both my sites basically represent my main store-window. So, this wasn’t precisely good news.

Nobody has said me anything about that error in all this time. In fact, this is true for all my online contributions: any error which you see in my sites, comments, code, etc. (anecdotically, I am giving all this away as public domain for everyone to enjoy it as they please) has been spotted by me (or not yet), as far as nobody (certainly not during over the last 2 years) has ever let me know personally, anonymously or in any way about any online error which I should fix.

Logically, I am the sole responsible for any of this, for making the errors and for not realising about them quickly enough. Also I cannot expect other people to do what, at the end, is also part of my work (the hardest, less-appealing and more problematic to me part: communication/promotion). The reason for this post is again to clearly transmit a reality (= my reality which, believe it or not, I enjoy pretty much) which might not be as evident as I thought.
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