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Wow, this is new "You've reached the download limit for documents not in a Google docs format" -- makes sense if you're trying to push people to that goal, but odd.

I have yet to figure out why Android phones are such poor music players. Playback stops randomly and then also at certain events (e.g. associating with a wifi). When riding my bike & listening to the phone, I have to disable WiFi or it's pointless. To get uninterrupted playback, I have to put it into airplane mode. 

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Now that is true art!

My oldest daughter, Bryn Grunwald  is currently in the Philippines and planning a trip to Osaka for a week or so in March. She's trying to learn about where to go and what to do in that area. I've never spent much time in Japan so can't offer much advice - anyone who has traveled there care to comment? What is it like getting around? What do you do for transport / maps / food? +Tipp Moseley -- what are your suggestions since you lived there?

Ok, I admit I was testy, but I was surprised how hard it was to find pricing on the HP chromebook.

Dear Dirk,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding We have received your e-mail and it has been assigned to the appropriate HP webmaster. Please do not reply to this automatically generated message.

If you have submitted an e-mail inquiry that is not related to we will forward your inquiry to the appropriate support organization.
Because different HP organizations have different product support options, you should consult the contact page related to your inquiry to understand what type of support you can expect. To help you find the appropriate online contact page, please visit our company-wide Contact HP page at

Web category:  Navigation issue

URL (Web site address) where the issue occurred:  search HP in HP website

Provide detailed information to assist HP in your Web-related issue:  In 1999-2000, I took a leave of absence from the University of Colorado and worked for a year at what was (to me) the Digital Equipment Corp.
Research lab, although DEC had recently been acquired by Compaq and was then acquired by HP.

This was an R&D lab in Palo Alto, and we had these weekly employee meetings --- I recall Norm Jouppi and Jeff Mogul (both of whom I think are still at HP Labs) discussing topics.

One day, we had a talk about someone who did a usability analysis of the DEC/Compaq/HP/I forgot which website and they said the big thing that was different between DEC/Compaq/HP and DELL (the company to aspire to) was that on every DELL page there were directions on HOW TO BUY THINGS.

Tragically, at the end of my lovely year many of the folks from DEC-WRL went off to a small startup called Google and others went to HP Labs.

Me, I went back to Colorado, which, other than quality of life, may lead you to question my wisdom.

So, long story short, it's 2013 and I'm looking at the HP Chromebook 14". I google search and get embedded in some tech specs page. I'm trying to figure out the price and if I could buy it cheaper through HP than from Walmart (which had a BUY button). I then search once again and I'm given a load of links to tech support options and other things.
Except a BUY button.

It is good to see that HP is the Dorian Gray of web store design -- some place, there is a mirror in a dark room in which Hewlett and Packard see a picture of Michael Dell (or in this case, Walmart) eating their lunch.

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It's now a meme
(Reshare please)

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Frosty morning in Boulder

I have to admit, I was impressed with Google Now last night - we heard the wind starting to kick up and then the rat-a-tat-tat of hail. I turned on the radio to see if there was a tornado warning and my daughter said "I just got a message on my cell phone about a thunderstorm warning". Turns out that was Google Now - they had all the info from the national weather service CAP/Atom feeds. It was a bit delayed (we were in the middle of the storm), but I'm not certain the NWS had it up any earlier. Subtly useful.
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