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"A Google+ community’s privacy settings currently can’t be changed once it’s been created. Please pick your desired setting from the start."...This is nonsense! Please empower us to change as we learn. What is the wisdom behind this restriction (Besides the technical who-ha)? Be wise, be Google :)

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Tell it ! Like it is.... I've been trying to undo just that.. Guess i'll have to delete and start over.. C'mon Google !!?$?..
So basic, so difficult, So un-Google :) Thanks for the support and feedback :)
Hey, if u have an iphone. Mines the 4's. but if you go to your phones setting's tools. The gear icon, scroll to the google + app, you can turn on, allow photo uploads. It clicked for me after reading, "Their instructions, i realized it could mean Privacy setting's on my phone.! It worked.. May also work on your phone. JPB
HAVE A GOOD 1,Zaid..

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