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Hey guys, if you haven't heard, The Lonely Island will be coming to the Super Bowl this February with a Doritos spot. What’s been your favorite video from The Lonely Island thus far?

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CrashTheSuperBowl Tip Alert. Didn’t go to film school? No worries, we’ve got the next best thing with our six instructional videos, all jam-packed with five seconds of invaluable filmmaking knowledge! If only high school had been so simple…

There are still seven days to send your submission into this year’s Crash The Super Bowl. If one of the commercials tops either USA Today’s or Facebook’s Ad Meter we’ll give the director $1,000,000 to the buck. What would you do with all that money?

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We're psyched to be joining the Google+ community today, but we need just one finishing touch on our +Doritos page. What's a 10-word tagline you would use to describe Doritos? Send us your suggestions and we just might make it our official +Doritos page tagline!
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