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if you don't have the witcher 3 and you want it... this deal is literally a grab and steal... amazing price...
grab it while you can...

This day holds significance to me for a reason i'd like to share. 
After years of fairly constant mental and verbal abuse that lowered my self esteem to suicidal levels, I finally decided on this day all those years ago, that i was going to leave my Ex, i had no idea how, and was terrified of the thought. I mulled over it for nearly 2 months before it finally happened. regretted doing it IMMEDIATELY, then realized it was what i had wanted, just not HOW i had wanted it. It has whirl-winded my life, destroyed friendships, bankrupted me monetarily, physically and mentally. I have lived in the open, on couches and in my car. It was still the best choice i could ever have made, and it has lead me here.
Still Broke, But Unbreakable.

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it's friday night!
the grotto gamer's play terraria. 8pmEST

it's FRIDAY!!!!! and tonight is the grotto gamer's terraria night!!
so excited for 1.3 content, it's gonna be so much fun...
Hit the follow button at : to see when we go live!! (probably around 6pm EST)

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1 point friggin 3 is out!!! AAAAAAAAAH TerrariaGasm!!
guess what we'll be playing tonight on the stream!!
feel free to pop by 4pm EST ISH

Tons of rainbow solidarity and celebration today... it's humbling and amazing to see humans as a society leveling up...
congrats to the american people.... took you fucking long enough.

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Tonight, members of "The grotto" will be joining me playing Terraria.
please feel free to join us for some laughs, derps, and sometimes heated intellectual debates. 7pmEST

DO NOT google "bicycle porn" when attempting to find awesome looking bikes... it does NOT bring you pictures of awesome looking bicycles... AT ALL..... excuse me now while i attempt to go find where my naivety went...

RESTART ZE BOT! I'm a bout to code the universe...
Wanna Nerd out with me? 9.15pm EST

Gonna play some Terraria today... Finish up the farms and rooms on the map Reninsane and I started.. Feel free to join me!! Http://Twitch.TV/mike_the_madkiwi 12.30est
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