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Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets is a set of widgets designed for your Android devices.
Beautiful Widgets is a set of widgets designed for your Android devices.

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A new beta has been published a few hours ago.
If you had some weather refresh issues, tell us here if it solved this.
Also, if you have a Samsung device and are using Touchwiz, tell us if your widgets disappear with this version.

If you have the frozen widgets issue, we may have some good news for you. We just pushed a new version with a fix for this bug.
Tell us if it is solved now!

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We have released Beautiful Widgets 5.6 with new color widgets!
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We're aware of a crash in the latest beta, we are working on fixing it ASAP!

We have just pushed a hotfix for the Weather Underground problem and the forecasted temperatures. Since they did not fix it, we worked on a way to bypass the problem. This should be available in the Play Store within a couple hours!

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You asked for even more widgets! Here are new ones.
The color clock ones in 4x1 size.

We hope you'll like it!

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We just uploaded a new beta with something some of you were waiting for a long time.
A new kind of widgets is now available!
You can configure all the colors in the configuration screen.

Tell us what you think about it! 

We have released Beautiful Widgets 5.5! You can now share your weather, get weather alerts with notifications, and a lot of bugfixes!

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Did you notice the new "share weather" design?
You can share your weather conditions in the forecast screen.

Available in beta 6 pushed today. 

A new beta has been released. 
* The alerts have been changed to be less annoying
* A geolocation bug has been fixed.

It will be available in a couple of hours.
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