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Thor “Salvador Sanchez” Olsen
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Birthday Wishes. Fifteen.
End Process: Hibernation. Begin Process: Life Support Checklist. Scanning… Scanning… Scanning… Life Support Performance: Optimal. Begin Process: Software Systems Checklist. Scanning… Scanning… Scanning… Software Systems Performance: Optimal. Begin Process: ...
Birthday Wishes. Thirteen.
Tendrils of white wire streaks open the night. Gray clay figures like scales shed contrast shadows and the world erupts. The pressure of sound and silence mutes all else. Dark. And then rain. Happy birthday.
Birthday Wishes. Eleven.
I talk with my friends from time to time, through a little bit of sunshine. It sometimes takes decades for my message to get to their ears, sometimes even millions of years. When I breathe, the worlds around me shrink back in fear. They don’t need me, I don...
Birthday Wishes. Nine.
Slivers of sunlight shimmer through gaps between green leaves and white branches. Motes of dust softly tumble between the beams, carried by a draft of playful wind. Each sapling leaf and each floating particle casts a pinpoint shadow which together form a s...
Birthday Wishes. Seven.
Hot jagged rocks glisten, salt-streaked with a tapestry of rainbow algae. Sea stars and urchins appraise the cool tide pool waters. The pull and push hush of the moon's wake serenades and salinates the air, the sand, the jagged rocks. Green-brown snakes of ...
Birthday Wishes. Five.
Vivid dark blue caverns, like twisted torus braids, gradually fade into the distance. Water sloshes back and forth with the current. Echoes are fractured on the limestone stalactites and hum endless dissonance. Bioluminescent glow peppers the walls, the cei...
Birthday Wishes. Fourteen.
Old Muster Krat knew a dog. Chipper and delightful, with a mop of fluffy dark hair that bounced as it walked. The dog couldn’t be more alien to Krat. Krat sat sunk into a faded red armchair doing the crossword. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Through the large brig...
Birthday Wishes. Twelve.
Telegraph signposts bright red. They melt in unison. Waving back and forth until falling, a river of heat. The street begins to boil and crumble, popping and bloating like bubblegum soil. A writhing mass of superheated rock aches and wanes in the cool air, ...
Birthday Wishes. Ten.
Hollow tap, tap, tap. Red ribbons wrap, wrap, wrap. Going cold. Unravelling. Spinning. Light. Happy birthday.
Birthday Wishes. Eight.
Trees, gray blue under the moon, with sharp twists and tall curling branches intertwined, reach for the star streaked sky. Enormous parasol leaves, with their waxy sheen, are motionless above the thick and booming forest. Hushed drumroll wings and struggled...
Birthday Wishes. Six.
Red grains of desert sand skip across the salt and silica landscape. Sparse shrubs and deep rooted succulents gather sunlight through burning days and wait pensive through cold nights. Dry carbon in dry air feeds their dense cellulose frames, laid out like ...
Birthday Wishes. Four.
Forest rain lifts the strong scent of decaying leaves and wet loam into the morning mist. Sapling roots grasp through soil. Earthworms move with peristaltic intent. A scrub jay fluffs its feathers in a small pool of settled water within a tree stump. The br...
So this neutrino walks into a bar. The bartender says: "What'll ya have?" The neutrino replies: "Oh, nothing. I'm just passing through!"
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