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Brussels Airlines is taking us to Athens without our luggage, as they claim because of a strike. They did not say anything in Brussels, they did not inform us during the flight, so we're fucked if our luggage contains items we need to work at our destination. Thank you Brussels Airlnes.
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Billet bien structuré et approche limpide pour organiser la mesure des campagnes inbound.
Le tableau de bord de vos campagnes façon Inbound Marketing
Vous avez l'ambition de lancer une campagne de content marketing dans le cadre de votre stratégie inbound marketing ? Voici le tableau de bord qu'il vous faut !
#InboundMarketing   #Analytics  
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Scott Monument in Edinburgh.
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Excellente émission avec, aujourd'hui, une discussion hyper-intéressante sur la création du monde ou pourquoi y-a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien et pourquoi cette recherche philosophique reste d'actualité dans un monde post-dogmatique.
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Comme l'attestent la multiplication spectaculaire des programmes interactifs ou le recours systématique aux micro-trottoirs, l'idée dominante aujourd'hui dans les grands médias est que chacun sait imm...
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Just tested picking-up groceries via Delhaize Direct: amazing service and I'm impressed with infrastructure and organization at pick-up point.
Afdeling: Groenten · Fruit · Beenhouwerij · Vis · Zuivel. Productnaam: Chips · Koffie · Suiker · Pizza · Melk. Productnaam: Chocolade · Lasagne · Mozzarella · Eieren · Tomaten. Baby's: Luiers · Zwitsa...
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the service design is beautiful, I like reading the signs that are made for the employees (but very much visible for the client) with the rules like "do the groceries as if it was yours, select the best products, in case the product is out of stock, choose what you would have chosen for you as a replacement", etc. Very nice ! The app can still be quite improved re: usability, but it's an excellent shot ! 
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Privacy is more difficult to have.
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Long shortlist of sites affected by heartbleed, on which password changes are needed.
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Dans quelle mesure utilisez-vous des contenus identifiés dans votre processus de veille pour alimenter votre communication? Personnellement, j'ai toujours essayé de lier les deux pour des raisons de productivité. A une époque j'utilisais Google Reader pour partager des contenus selon leur tag. Depuis quelques semaines j'ai commencé à utiliser TaDaweb, qui organise un webinar le 26 dans l'après-midi pour ceux que ça intéresserait.
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TaDaweb Creator Webinar
Tue, November 26, 2013, 8:00 AM

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Should be of interest to all NLP practitioners, although I'm not sure body language shapes identity. Perhaps the way identity is experienced, expressed, manifested and perceived by others.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are - YouTube - Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
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Beyond Klout, scores, percentiles and purely quantitative approaches to influence.
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Autumn red beauty.
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Catalyzing Business Innovation
I'm an expert in catalyzing innovation and developing businesses.

I've specialized in dealing with the changes stemming from the advent of the Internet. This includes technological aspects as well as business model and paradigm changes that come as consequences of new capabilities, practices and behaviors.

So, I'm spending most of my time in the treacherous triangle defined by Business, Innovation and Technology.

My methods and tools are very much a mix of:
  • traditional business administration disciplines from strategy down to operational aspects of different functions
  • agile practices largely inspired from the world of IT development
  • collaborative methods engaging whole teams in the endeavor to craft solutions, very much inspired by the work of De Bono (Six Thinking Hats)
  • open tools and participative practices relying heavily on networked work tools (Google Sites, Apps, Teambox, Ning, Twitter...)
In terms of industries, I've developed an in-depth knowledge of media, marcoms agencies, IT software companies, e-commerce, new media, telecoms, financial services, timber trading and paper & pulp.

  • Lycée Français de Belgique
  • Solvay Business School
Basic Information
Business Advisor & Innovation Catalyst
  • BusinessQuests
    Business Advisor & Innovation Catalyst, present
  • MACH, Kinnevik, MasterCard, Technoport
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