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Parola d'ordine... CONCRETEZZA
Parola d'ordine... CONCRETEZZA

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Custom Characters on LCD 20x4.
PAC-MAN demo, with video and sketch.

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Hi all,
I'm trying to manage the "display advertising features" using a single pageview Tag (Universal Analytics) compatibly with the cookie policy.
I wish they were activated if the user accepted the cookie policies and disabled until the user has not yet accepted them.
I confirm that all its settings are enabled on the GA and that it is the same that are triggered by an event or by visiting next pageviews.

If I don't tick the checkbox of "display advertising features" I have no other way to activate them by Tag Manager, but if I tick the checkbox I haven't a way to turn off them (even with field displayFeaturesTask / null).
I read in the documentation that the plugin (require / displayfeatures) works by sending an additional request to but I can see it only when, in Tag Manager, the checkbox of "display advertising features" is checked.
So, is possible to manage this checkbox dynamically (like other optional fields to set)?
And, is there another way to activate "displayfeatures" in Tag Manager other than its own checkbox?

Thanks in advance,
Michele Pisani

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Detect Variable Value Change in GTM without Trigger or Event.

Hi to all and sorry for the Italian article, I hope the translator works well ... I made an experiment in GTM to detect variable value change (via push to dataLayer) without accompanying event (or trigger) and it seems to work, the problem is that only runs in Preview mode but not Live.
What do you think about? And, do you know why in Live mode does not work?
+Simo Ahava I'd like to hear your thoughts please.
Thanks and Best Regards,

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Lo sapevi che... il 47% sono gli acquirenti italiani che confrontano i prezzi delle aziende locali online ed il 40% quelli che cercano gli orari di apertura delle attività nelle vicinanze?
Nell'articolo trovi 24 preziose informazioni sui consumatori italiani da condividere con i tuoi clienti per iniziare il 2017 alla grande!
Fanne buon uso!!!
#localseo   #localsearch   #ecommerce   #marketingdigital #googleanalytics   +Ninja Marketing

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How to integrate Google Analytics in Ionic without using the Plugin

(article in Italian just use the translator)

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Debug di applicazioni ibride per iOS con Safari (for italian users)
#debug   #ios   #safari   #app   #cordova   #apachecordova   #phonegap  
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