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The latest Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Patch arrives today, Thursday, February 9. Version 0.1.759.0 introduces new suits/visual aesthetics for the Sentinel, Infiltrator, Technician and Raider classes, ...
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New armor designs look awesome. Can't wait to see more. Then we'll eventually be getting unique skins on top of this?? Very cool. Hope it doesn't end up becoming too visually confusing though.
This one is actually a big deal to me, WOOT! -> "Fixed an issue where certain NumPad keys were not bindable."
great patch so far, but are there any plans on nerfing the fractal nade? this thing is just imba compared to the other nades...
That's in the patch notes, they were nerfed (but not by a lot it seems).
I have not seen the last patch yet! must check it out :D
ahh great, didn´t read the notes. hope it will be more in line with the other nades.
Another excellent update. Addresses a lot of issues the fans had pointed out. Go HiRez!
Anyone else like
Tdm more than ctf since the new updates?
Cheaper weapons sure sound nice. Maybe I'll be able to afford my eagle pistol back now.

EDIT: Or not. Oh well, the update is still boss. Keep up the kick-ass work HiRez!
I can't wait for custom servers... 200+ minimum ping makes a hard game a lot harder. But it's still awesome :D
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