LWRPG Cover and Pricing Information

At long last, we have put the finishing touches on Light Weight Role Playing Game! This means that the product will be on sale within the next couple of weeks. It looks great and we are all very proud of what has been created.

This also marks the public reveal of the cover. We wanted a playful image that demonstrated how flexible the system is. We couldn't decide on a specific image or character, so we created four that cross a gamut of genres and gaming styles. Bright colors and unique characters were chosen to differentiate us from the competition in the storefront. Plus: pirate monkey!

The Light Weight Role Playing Game will be available in three formats: PDF, Soft Cover, and a Premium-Colored Hard Cover. Bundles are available for customers who want to purchase both the digital and print version. Initially, these will be available at www.DriveThruRPG.com and a variety of conventions (to be announced soon). We hope to announce additional distribution channels soon.

E-Book (PDF)             $10
Soft Cover                  $15      + PDF              $20
Hard Cover                 $25      + PDF              $30
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