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Setting up Social Media

So far, I've setup the main accounts and kept things fairly simple. The current setup is:

- I'll use Twitter for a mix of keeping everyone updated on the latest developments, as another point of contact/feedback and - most importantly of all - where the latest jobs will be posted to, in addition to the jobs board. The planned main hashtag for jobs and such is #TesterJobsUK

- I'll use YouTube to initially create some demos of the site in action and then as things progress, to provide help and info videos on using the site's features. Sometimes it's a lot easier to show how something works in a video rather than trying to explain. YouTube no longer lets you easily create a decent URL for your page, instead you have to have a page for a minimum of 30 days plus have a certain amount of followers and a few other conditions too. So for now, I'll be using the channel url which is shown below.

- I've also added a Medium profile, as this is a good place to elaborate a bit more on certain things, whereas Twitter is great for small, quick updates.

- and then there's this Google+ profile, which I'm not quite sure what Google intend you to do with, but seems a bit of a Pinterest and general social media mashup. Google+ is another platform where's it quite difficult to actually work out your profile's URL, but I think I'm using the right one!




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