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My borderline Aspberger's brain meets writing...
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I have to agree with you about music and writing. For me, music is essential when I am writing. To be honest I could not function without it. Sometimes I will get one song stuck in my mind for the "piece" I am writing, put it on repeat and go over and over; then I will read the piece playing the music to visualize it.

I too use the NCIS soundtrack CD a lot. There are a few tracks like "Aliyah" and "Gibbs in the Heartland" that I hear and I write non-stop to.

I love "Gibbs in the Heartland" though. In August when I went to one of my hometowns (first time in 14 years) for my aunt's memorial. I was driving around playing that track on repeat, visiting some places I had lived or gone to school. Really gave me a deeper appreciation for the place and my memories. There are so many other songs I do that with. Years ago I would put together "soundtracks" for my stories (to write to, as well as read with) lol :) great interview and keep up the great work! Thanks for being quite inspirational.

Merry Christmas!
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