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Does anyone know if Google is planning on coming up with something similar to Choice Eliminator2? Choice Eliminator does not seem to be working as well, especially with images. It would be nice if Google built this in to Forms itself

Trying to create drop down menu in Google Sites that lead to a URL instead of another page in the site. Possible yet?

Anyone here going to the CUE conference in Palm Springs this month? If so, I thought it might nice to meet up for our own un-conference. Hit me up if any of you are interested.

Any of you going to CUE in Palm Springs? I thought it might be nice to have our own little un-conference if we can all connect here.

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Getting one school site only where several of the staff are receiving this email. Anyone know anything about this? It says the attempted login is coming from a less secure app. I've asked if there are any apps that they use specifically at that site with all the staff and they can't think of one.

Can someone please send me the link to where I can get more information about using GAM? Cost? I thought I had heard it was free. True? No?

Hey Admins! Is there a way to limit the directory in the console? For example, I would like for certain OUs to only have access to the contact information of certain other OUs and exclude access to others.

Basically I would like to create smaller sub directories

We have a couple of eager teachers who thought they were supposed to set up their own district Google Account and went to Gmail and used their work email with our domain to set up an account. They were able to successfully do this, however, now that we have set up their account in our admin console they show as having two accounts with the same email address. One a personal one and the other, a district one. When they log in, they show these two options and they have to pick one.

Is there a setting somewhere in the admin console where we can prevent people from using our domain name to create personal accounts? Can we unlink these two accounts or do they have to delete the personal one?

My question of the day today: I can see how to hide a single user from appearing in the Global Directory, but I would like to hide an entire OU from the directory. I found the directions on how to hide a Group from the Global Directory, however, when I tested this I was given a message that this is an additional service through G-Suite for Business. Is this not possible with G-Suite for Education?

Anyone know of any good conferences applicable for us Admins? We are located in California.
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