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Katie Snooks
Beauty Blogger, Photography Graduate & Bookworm!
Beauty Blogger, Photography Graduate & Bookworm!

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Adding Colour to My Wardrobe!
For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I've been enjoying adding more colour into my wardrobe. This is a really new thing for me; the girl who has always felt most comfortable wearing monochrome, and so I've really been embracing it.   This whole discovery a...

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Firstly, thanks for all of your comments on the first installment of my journey to hair free skin - it's great to know it's not just me that despises having to shave everyday! If you missed that post, you can catch up here .  I decided to embark on a 2 mont...

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Me, My Spots & I
So, as you might have read in my previous life update post, something BIG that happened last month that I'm super proud of, so I wanted to tell you a little more about it here! So back in February + March I spent a lot of time filming with BBC Newsbeat.  Th...

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LIFE LATELY - April 2017
Ya know what's giving me so much guilt at the moment?  Well, apart from eating an entire bag of caramel chocolate buttons over the course of the past hour, it's the fact that I've neglected my blog so much recently.   I used to be an absolute blog-a-holic a...

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Ladies, I am on a mission and I'm taking you along for the ride with me.   Now I'm sure many of you will agree that bodily-haircare is one of the most annoying parts of our daily regime.  I've been shaving my legs for coming up to 15 years now and I'm SO ov...

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Over the past nine months I have had so many questions about the products I've been using and found to work best whilst on Roaccutane.  I have spent quite some time recently compiling a BIG round up of my favourites, from foundations, moisturizers, lip balm...

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After going through what is perhaps the  hardest and saddest times in my life recently ( see this post here ) I decided to dedicate a whole post to the things that make me happy.  If any of you are going something similar to me, take comfort in the little t...

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LIFE: The End of a Chapter
My life as I knew it recently fell apart. My life with the man I truly believed I would marry, have children and grow old with, ended, and it hurt.  It hurt so much I almost didn't believe it was real.  It hurt so much there were days that I wished I could ...

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I started my first bullet journal at the start of 2016 and after a whole year of using it to plan and organise my life, I thought I'd show you inside.  I'll be showing you some of my favourite spreads in the journal, what supplies I use and also my layout p...

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2016 Round Up & New Year's Resolutions
Every year since starting this blog, on New Year's Day I have written a past year round up and NYR post.  Every year without fail I thoroughly look forward to writing this particular content but this year (as you can tell from the late date) I just haven't ...
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