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 9:30pm saturday night - sirens. Gather all the kids, go in to the safe room. Oldest (13 year old daughter) is completely terrorized. 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter are pretty much OK.

10:30pm saturday night - trying to put kids to sleep. Siren again. Older daughter is a bit better, but sleep won't be coming any time soon.

6:00am Sunday morning. We wake up with sirens. We have 1 minute to get out of bed, wake up the children, and get down stairs and in to the safe room. As we are trying to project calmness to the kids, the iron dome ( outside my window is firing, quite efficiently negating those efforts.

It took some time for this to sink in, but here is a more accurate description of what just happened: someone tried to murder my entire family in their sleep.
I am not sure I can accurately describe the outrage.

I know the Israeli army. They will figure out the names of the persons responsible, if they haven't already. For each of these, there will be some short time window in which they have accurate knowledge of their whereabouts. The army will use this limited window to drop a bomb on them.
When this happens, maybe their family will be with them, maybe they won't. This is a kind of question that no longer concerns me nearly as much as it used to.

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...sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

share if like please :) save money on cable collecter.

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We're in a BRAND NEW Google+ commercial that is now on Google+. So meta.

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Did you know that there are hidden Chat emoticons?

Currently all the rage in Google+ Chat is ~=[,,_,,]:3 , (the Nyan Cat... ) but there are others just as fun, like this mustache :{ (#movember anyone?)

And oh, there are more:
:3 (cat)
:(:) (pig)
:(|) (monkey)
V.v.V (crab)
+/'\ (cowbell)
[:|] (robot)
}:-) (devil)
\m/ (rock out)
<3 (heart)
</3 (broken heart)
>.< (wince)
:-x or :* (kiss)

Disclaimer: some emoticons work in all Chat clients, but some work in Google+/iGoogle/orkut only or Gmail only.

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