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G+ Creator / / High Performance Brand Liaison
G+ Creator / / High Performance Brand Liaison
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Serge Labelle has worked with top brands including the Olympics and the Cirque du Soleil, in coaching, marketing and international liaisons. He has been selected as a top-25 emerging entrepreneur at C2MTL, an international business conference promoting creativity in the commercial realm.
Other than the Olympics (92-96), I have created one of the "Top three innovation in the history of Cirque du Soleil" (Daniel Lamarre, CEO of CdS). Honorary citizen of the National Capital. 

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Today is Olympic Day
Proud to have been part of the greatest event in the world. Once an Olympian, always an Olympian. No amount of money in the world would replace that.

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Meeting former G+ CM +Natalie Villalobos in Japan? > #thatsaplus

#OnlyInJapan #Creasia+

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Creativity + Japan = Creasia+
Japan with Google+ Creator, +Yuko Nakamura

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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.6: Japan Handmade
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment.

Project Showreel:

[What's Japan Handmade]

JAPAN HANDMADE is a new joint collaboration of craftspeople from Kyoto that applies traditional crafts to create novel designs for the international market. JAPAN HANDMADE offers a playful approach and is driven by a bold ambition to explore new design typologies and introduce the world to the tactile pleasure, poetry and soul of Japanese design.

JAPAN HANDMADE has teamed up with Danish Design Studio OeO to bring new revitalised life to their unique heritage products that draw on the time-honoured traditions of Kyoto craftsmanship within ceramics, metal-knitting, teaware and wood and bomboo crafting. JAPAN HANDMADE offers a compelling universe of storytelling deeply rooted in 1,000 years of artisanal tradition that reaches out to a new and quality conscious global audience with inspired designs of contemporary living.

[Crafts Companies]

- Kaikado (開花堂 since 1875):
- Nakagawa Mokkougei (中川木工芸):
- Hosoo (since 1688):
- Kohchosai Kosuga (公長齋小菅 since 1898):
- Kanaami Tsuji (金網つじ):
- Asahiyaki (朝日焼):

To know more about Japan Handmade project, visit here:

#craftsmanship   #japanhandmade   #cooljapan  

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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.4: Handmade Bag Makers
Yoshida & Co., Ltd., and Sunset Craftsman co.
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment.

[Yoshida & Co., Ltd.,]
Since its creation in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida, Porter is a Japanese company that remains true to its "made in Japan" value and strive to continue putting "Heart and Soul into every stitch"

In keeping with the founder of the company’s principal, the design and manufacturing of all Porter bags and accessories are strictly “made in Japan”. In this way Porter can monitor each aspect of the creation of its bags and ensure the best originality, creativity and quality.

All Porter bags and accessories are handmade by the company's skilled craftsmen ; only using the very best fabrics and components, some of which are developed and treated specifically for the brand’s needs. Some of the lines were under development for three years before their launch, such is Porter’s devotion to excellence. 

At present, the Porter collection has over 130 lines and more than 1500 different items. The choice is huge and there is a special Porter bag for everyone: women, men, students, fashionistas, for leisure or work. 

[About Founder Kichizo Yoshida]
He started making bags when he was just 12 years old, and never stopped until he passed away at the age of 88. The company he left to the next generation, Yoshida & Co, is defined by his legacy and values: a passion for the craft, a vision for utilitarian design and a commitment to the company’s Japanese heritage. (

Watch Yoshida's craftsmen who make every bags still today. 


[Sunset Craftsman Co.]
Japan’s Sunset Craftsman Co. (Okayama, Japan) takes their name from the sunny side of California living.  Each bag is hand-made (no sewing machines involved) and are crafted in the finest way possible by the Japanese. The craftsman (owner) does everything from a to z by himself. 

Watch video: Legacy Of Cool - Sunset Craftsman Company - Japanese Handbags

ping:  +Christina Blount and +1 

#craftsmen   #Japan  

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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.5: Japanese wooden architecture - Oak Village,  Rebuilding Japan toward a Sustainable Future
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment.

[Oak Village's Principles]
1. From bowls to buildings
2. 100-year guarantee for a 100-year-old tree

Japanese wooden architecture is renowned for its superior craftsmanship, epitomized by Horyuji temple in Nara, the oldest standing wooden structure in the world. Our craftsmen employ the same knowledge and techniques, and apply modern innovations to create buildings of utmost quality. 

For more information:
On Japan Times [Hybrid furniture and the working horse] (

#treetuesday   #japan   #craftsmanship  

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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.2: Cut Out Artist +Mikito Ozeki 
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment.

Cut Out (切り絵) is a form of art that has evolved uniquely all over the world to adopt to different cultural styles. 

YouTube channel:

This series is based on my love and respect for craftsmanship.


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職人さん (Craftsman) Series No.3 : The Sword Maker, Korehira Watanabe 刀鍛冶, 渡辺惟平 (本名徹)さん
Craftsmanship: It’s a passion for betterment. 

Mr. Watanabe was born April 5th 1949 in Hokkaido, Japan.  He was trained under living national treasure Yukihira Miyairi.  He currently lives in Date city, Hokkaido.

A Master of His Craft
Mr. Watanabe is one of the last thirty traditional sword makers left in Japan today. He has been painstakingly perfecting his craft for the past forty years but only in the last five has he really started to achieve results acceptable to him. (

It is my duty to build up a disciple better than me. Otherwise the tradition will wear thin with time.

His website:

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As a Brand Liaison Executive to and from Japan for AKUNTSU, we are very glad to have led this project with Sun Bridge Inc. to promote Montreal's creativity and studios . For sure, we could have covered many more of them, but we only had 2 days!
Featured: +PixMob, +Sid Lee, +Société des arts technologiques [SAT], +Centre Phi / +Félix & Paul Studios, +Cirque du Soleil, +RodeoFX PR , +Vallée Duhamel, +Moment Factory

(Photos: Xavier Girard Lachaîne)
#mytravelstory #OnlyInJapan
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