Recently, Astro-Physicists have noted something that defies the expectations and assumptions of the behavior of Matter under the notion of the Big Bang Theory. What should be happening is that the Matter of the Universe should not show any systematic expansion or flow in any one direction. But it Does. Clusters of
Galaxies are plummeting at two million miles an hour in the very specific direction of the Centuarus and Vela constellations. In other words: There is (I am not surprised) something much larger than our known Universe. And we a being sucked into it at 2 million miles an hour. What is fascinating about it is that this is not is a giant magnetic PULL. And it runs in one direction across the horizon of the known Universe. Almost as though we we going over a waterfall.

I am sure that this is exactly what is being seen, but my sense is that it is really the horizon they are looking a spherical versa.
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