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Native Americans and Buffalo Soldiers
This past week in history class, we have been learning about the buffalo soldiers. Buffalo soldiers were African-American Union soldiers after the Civil War. Their responsibilities were to clear out Native Americans and their settlements in the western Unit...

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The Frienemies of the United States
This week in history class, we have been studying the impact that monopolistic leaders such as Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller had on the United States. The essential question we are aiming to answer is how did the actions of monopolistic leaders, such...

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Freedom from Above and Below
Lately in history class, we have been discussing the terms "freedom from above" and "freedom from below", and how these terms were used in the Civil War. Freedom from above is the act of providing equality to people that are of a lower social class than tho...

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I Went Looking for Fights!
Last week in history class, we did a Civil War scavenger hunt. Each student was assigned a battle to learn about, and we each made our own Google Doc that others can view.  The Google Docs included the battles' location, date, victor, and theater (east, wes...

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The Election of 1860
For the past week in history class we have been looking into the Election of 1860 and asking ourselves how the results of this election were representative of the country's deep divisions over slavery. To answer this, we did several activities that answered...

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The Statistics and Strategies of the Civil War
     After looking into the factors building up to the Civil War, our history class now moves into the war itself. To thoroughly analyze the war, we have looked into the statistics and strategies used by both the north and the south in their attempts to win...

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Lately in history class we have been looking into the causes of the civil war. Slavery was one of the most enormous problems between the north and the south, and our job was to try and answer the question of why slavery was the “elephant in the room” for Am...
Thomas Gray's History Blog
Thomas Gray's History Blog

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Antebellum Slavery
As our history class progresses further into history, we begin to learn more about social issues  in the early 19th century, one of which is slavery. For the past weeks we have been looking into  slavery and asking ourselves three questions: “How did slaver...

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Women's Reforms of the Mid 19th Century
As our history class continues to move forward in history, we have begun to learn about the social reforms of the mid 19th century. One such reform was the women’s reform in which women demanded equality to men. Within our exploration of this topic, we are ...

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Transcendentalism and the Road to Equality
“I read the other day some verses written
by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. The soul always
hears an admonition in such lines, let the subject be what it may. The
sentiment they instil is of more value than any thought they may...
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