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The story of how General Pershing actually subdued insurgencies in the Philippines can teach us a lot about how escalation and antagonizing are not effective strategies.

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Interesting random thought:

This is the last presidential election where it is illegal for me to run.

This means that in four years I expect all of you to help me campaign.


I posted this phrase a while back, but I think the last week is a good indication that it still needs to be said:

The reason history repeats itself is because we didn't learn the damned lesson

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Oh crap. I'm supposed to be thinking about writing a game for golden cobra instead of which jobs to apply for......wait a minute

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I think that he's being kept off his own Twitter. There's a clear difference in a Trump tweet and a PR with the language and grammar. Also, Trump rarely bothers to upload picks and videos.

#rpgday2017 What rpg do I wish I was playing right now?. Geez, uummmm, maybe Sleep: The Not Insomnia? That sounds nice. More seriously the answer is a lot. I've got a huge bucket list which includes Night Witches, The Warren, and My Life With Master. There's also The Clay that Woke, that'd be neat. Oh, and I feel bad for missing out on Don't Rest Your Head and Bliss Stage when they were the in thing. Then there's the new Unknown Armies which I dumped a pretty penny on, doesn't hurt that the setting is amazeballs. If we get into larps, I still haven't played Tribunal, Limbo, Still Life, or Ghost Court. I think you see my problem here.

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Time for me to design another game, but only if I get inspired. How about you?
The 2017 Golden Cobra game design challenge is live!

Time to starting thinking of how to run 4 sessions of Dogs in the Vineyard in a single weekend when I've never played the game before (#TheBestBadIdeas). If anybody has experience with doing the prep on short notice, I would love suggestions (I have a month and a half to get myself ready). +Vincent Baker +Meguey Baker

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