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Questions for You
Hey Everyone, With a new year just having
begun, I’ve been giving some thought to how I’d like to proceed in
participating in the low carb nutrition and health community. This might surprise you, but I consider myself a writer
first and a nutritionist secon...
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New to Low Carb? Feeling Lost? "Paralysis by Analysis?" READ THIS.
Hey Everyone, As promised, here’s the
follow-up to my post on taking an Information Vacation  from social media if you're feeling overwhelmed and panicky from confusing keto information coming at you from all sides. Since there will no doubt be loads of peo...
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Totally Overwhelmed by Conflicting Information on Low Carb or Keto? Take an Information Vacation!
Are you completely
overwhelmed by information about low carb or ketogenic diets? Is your neck
about to snap from the multiple times you’ve gotten whiplash from trying to
follow an endless onslaught of contradictory advice on reduced carb ways of
eating? If ...
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Cool Find Friday: DaVinci Sugar-Free Syrups
Welcome to Cool Find Friday! This will be a series in
which I introduce you to products I’ve found that make following a low-carb or
ketogenic diet more tasty and pleasant. I specifically said low carb or
ketogenic, and not “Paleo,” because some of the thin...
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Let's Talk About Thyroid -- My Personal Story (Pt. 3/3...for now)
The first post in this 3-part series explored thyroid function in general , including what the different
thyroid-related hormones are, the signs & symptoms of hypo- and
hyperthyroidism, and what should be included when you have your thyroid
hormones measure...
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Let's Talk About Thyroid -- Low-Carb or Ketogenic Diets and Thyroid Function (Pt. 2/3)
I left off last time saying we would look at the effects of low carb/ketogenic diets on thyroid
function. Thyroid function is a hotly d ebated topic in the low carb world. While most people typically
experience fat loss, better energy levels, and improved o...
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Let's Talk About Thyroid -- Intro: Thyroid Function & Testing (Pt. 1/3)
Long time readers of this blog know that I
have been dealing with a low functioning thyroid for quite some time. Even
longer than I, myself, realized, now that I look back and think about how long
I’ve been plagued by the signs and symptoms. It’s been about...
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Dining Out on a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet
  Q:  Can you dine out if you follow a low carb or
ketogenic diet? A:  Yes, of course you can. I’m not sure why some people find this difficult, but since the question of how to do this comes up frequently on social media, it’s time for
me to provide a litt...
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Ketogenesis, Measuring Ketones, and Burning Fat vs Being in Ketosis
This post is long overdue. I cannot tell you how many
emails I get from people fretting over their ketone levels. It’s time to set
the record straight on this issue. I wish there was someplace I could refer
people for reliable information on this subject, b...
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How to Cut Fat on a Ketogenic or Low Carb Diet (and Why You Might Want To)
Reduce fat intake? On a low carb or ketogenic diet? Amy, have you done lost
yo' mind? You know people use the
abbreviation “LCHF,” right? And that means low carb high fat , right? Yes. Yes, I know. But
remember what Ted Naiman, MD , said: I’ve heard from ma...
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