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+Adafruit Industries is working on a Web IDE for the Raspberry Pi. Looks similar to the RascalMicro IDE from the previous post.
Sneak Peek Adafruit Raspberry Pi WebIDE

We love the Raspberry Pi. This tiny computer has so much potential for makers, and it is offered at an extremely reasonable price. The one thing we didn't like about the Pi is how inaccesible it is to those who are new to Linux. So, the tiny team that brought you the Adafruit Learning System set out to develop our own way to open up the Raspberry Pi for everyone. What started out as a barebones, and basic way to get code running on your Pi, turned into something much more awesome. The Raspberry Pi WebIDE is extremely easy to use, but also very feature-rich and powerful. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of its many features.

As the name suggests, the Raspberry Pi WebIDE is entirely web based. No need to install any software on your computer. Just open any modern browser, and connect to your Pi. Oh, and all of your code is stored in the cloud.

We have also included a built-in terminal so you can listen to, and talk directly with your Raspberry Pi.

We have so many cool things planned for the WebIDE, and expect to have plenty of updates (especially at the beginning). The last thing you want is to have to manually reinstall the WebIDE on your Pi with each update. So, we have a built-in automatic updater. One click and you will be updated to the latest version available.

This is just a sneak peek, and covers only a few of it's many features. We are still in the Alpha development phase but are moving fast. As soon as we think it is stable enough for public testing, we will let you know.

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