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John-Gunnar Nielsen Kristiansen

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Savage Dead Space

I have now added a weapons section and as much of the history of Earth and a LOT of information about Unitology and the markers.

I am unsure about adding the ability to upgrade weapons and tools though. It can easily be integrated into the expansion slot system, but if I do that, I have to make upgrade tables for every weapon and change their base stats. Any thoughts about this?

Anyway, here's the link to the latest version of the Core manual:

Savage Dead Space update!

Okay. So far today I've added and revised RIGs, modules, expansion slots, upgrades, combat and dismemberment sections to the core manual. Also discovered that I've forgotten to add weapons :-P
I will add those as soon as I'm done tweaking modules and rigs.
After that I plan on adding a general and specialised equipment section before adding the Universe section.

Here's a link to the as yet unfinished Core document:

I'd love some feedback on this, btw :P

Just thought I'd mention real fast that my Dead Space conversion is finally nearing completion. I have never done anything like this before, so I'm REALLY excited about what the community will think of it. I started this more than two years ago, with all the bravado and cocky know how of a n00b. Then life happened :-P
Now I'm going full speed ahead again! Just need to complete the Bestiary and make some tweaks to the core document and I'm done. When I'm done I'm going to link it here for all to see, and I expect critical feedback! :-D

Hope people are interested in this!
I will be posting on a more or less regular basis about what I've been doing.

Cheers, people!

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So, one year ago I made a post about a Dead Space conversion for Savage Worlds. Check it out here:

Now, one year later, I'm still working on this. Got a whole lot of it written down, got a Beastiary and a Players Manual in the making, and I've had a test run of the combat rules I had to "invent" and adapt, and they seem to be working fine. 

My question is this: Are people still interested in this? Can anyone elaborate on the ideas discussed in the linked thread? I can post some examples from my Bestiary and Players Manual if you want to have a look.

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My Dead Space conversion is getting along slowly but surely. 
Here's the Core document:

And here's the Beastiary:

If you can give me some feedback, I'd be really happy!
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So...I'm toying with making a Dead Space setting for SW. Going to use the new scifi companion and the horror companion for things like sanity, weapons etc. Thinking of also using the sw space book. I've never created a setting bwfore though. Any advice?

Savage Dead Space. Anyone want it? I know I do!

Happy new year from Norway!

I wonder if an Assassin's Creed RPG would be any fun. What do you think? Also, has anyone tried the Savage Worlds Mass Effect conversion?

I've got a problem. I'm trying to rund a Vampire the Requiem game all dark and horror-like, but I can't seem to do it. I have lots of ideas and some of them are quite good, but I just can't seem to get them implemented right. I dunno why, but they never come out right. Also, my group is made up of people who makes fun of most anything, so this contributes to my ideas being hard to implement
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