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Mountain loop highway trip, plus a bit of hiking. 
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Well, looks like my last day at work is Sept 30th. The budget cuts knife cut so deep it took out my position. Sadface.
Asshole new manager probably didn't help much. At least my old manager wanted to keep me and was fighting for it.

In good news this will give me free time needed to get my garage back in order just in time for LAN Season! woo!

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Happy 30th bday to me!

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Do I know anybody who has any experience with c-nario content management who needs or wants a job?


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If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend drunk quest.  Its a card game similar to munchkin where you drink to defeat monsters, its super fun. They have an expansion on kickstarter ending in a couple days. Seeing the last strech goal would be sweet.

Holy shit wtf happened to G+?

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This is sweet: google street view hyperlapse

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Shit just got real!
Now I will have a trunk I can toss the beaten and bloody savings account into!

Starting to get quite the turnout for +EmeraldCityLAN I am starting to get excited. It is a month away and the LAN is half sold out. I think it will fill up 100% this time :D I hope more LAN gamers in Seattle come out for it.

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Time for some LAN Nostalgia...

Back in 2005 I was an event admin at LPNW (an old LAN party org that is kind of dead now, but was one of the only large LANs around here back in the day). We were having a 400+ person LAN party and the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. Our backbone gigabit switch died.

When it got above 50% load it started dropping packets like crazy. We mitigated it by forcing it down to 10/100 but that started failing too. 10mbps "worked" but so many lag spikes, was not LAN acceptable.

We rushed around to find a solution. One of the server guys offered to drive back to his work to grab a large switch but he was at least a 3h round trip away.
Keep in mind that this was when gigabit was super expensive and semi-rare, also you didn't need internet at a LAN so 90% of the traffic was going over local.

One of the sponsors gave us 8 5port gigabit switches. We "borrowed" from the prize table to create OUR NEW SUPER PRO NETWORKING BACKBONE. The active cooling solution was added after we realized that after the switches were on for 10min at 100% load they started dropping packets and freezing.

Sorry, the "And it still worked better than the network at PAX East" joke has already been made :P
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