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daily routine objects
WHAT'S THIS IN ENGLISH? IT'S A........... ¿Qué es esto en inglés? Es un..... What's this in English? It's a computer. What's this in English? It's a television. Whtat's this in English? It's a window. What's this in English? It's a door What's this in Engli...

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GREETINGS HELLO! HI!   hola GOOD MORNING! Buenos días GOOD AFTERNOON! Buenas tardes (from 12 to 5) GOOD EVENING!Buenas tardes (from 5 to...) GOOD NIGHT! Buenas noches How are you? ¿Cómo estas? How do you do? ¿Cómo esta Usted? I'm fine, and you? Estoy bien y...

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VERB "TO BE" STATEMENTS Full form             Contracted form I am                    I'm                 Yo soy, yo estoy you are               you're              tu eres, tú estás he is                    he's                 él es, él está she is       ...
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