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Jim Phelps
Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy at University of Washington
Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy at University of Washington

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I really love working with Google Docs... but...  there needs to be a way to update them, create them, edit them, et al when you are offline.  

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Our house is now on the market.  Rather exciting but also stunning to think about the next couple weeks.

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It is time to start gathering topics for the ITANA (un)Conference 2013!  The rules:
(1)  Submit the form once for each topic you propose. 
(2)  Each topic must have a champion at the (un)Conference who will pitch the topic and run the discussion if the topic is chosen.
(3)  You get 3 minutes to draw a picture and pitch your topic.  There are 2 minutes for clarifying questions.  Jim runs the timer.
(4)  People vote and we decide how to go forward (split up into separate discussion groups, discuss as a whole).
(5)  Each topic that we discuss gets a scribe assigned.
(6)  Have fun.

Going to EDUCAUSE?  Important ITANA Links.

ITANA Face2Face 2013 - Tuesday, October 15th, 8AM to 4PM, Room 207D

ITANA Discussion Session - Thursday, October 17th, 1:30Pm to 2:20PM 208A/B

ITANA (un)Conference - Thursday, October 17th, 4:30PM to 6:30PM, Room 204C

The ITANA Face2Face 2013 registration is still open   We are Seminar 07F - ITANA Face2Face 2013.  Check out the Face2Face2013 Wiki Page for details about the day.

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Photos from our hike on Saturday in Mt. Rainier National Forrest.
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A little after 7PM and the Sun setting. We begin the season of disappearing Sun. Each day is so much shorter than the last. This time of year, I get autumnal in my mood and more introspective. Usually, I train for long road bike rides and I enjoy long solo rides in this tail-end of Summer and early soft Fall. Not this year. I will need to next year. I need that time alone in the changing Fall light and colors. I need to find my the center of my being alone on the road in this Fall season. Before we cocoon for Winter and the bright snow and Sun and bitter cold and dancing fires in the fireplace. 

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A great read on how Google can avoid becoming the next Microsoft and the ills that plague Microsoft. Interesting to read also in context of what we should be doing to change the culture of IT in Higher Ed.

One grand issue that I see in HE is the lack of R&D resources. Budgets have been cut to the operations only level. You cannot move to the next great thing if you have no resources to allocate to the move. We have staff who can do a one-off experiment but no good way to flow resources behind the experiment if it is a success.

I would also love to see a new organizational structure for IT of H.E. where there are pools of technologists who could float more easily across the domains and systems. At least for us, our IT staff are very silo'd and single ERP focused. 
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