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New Super Thick business cards!
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Awesome weekend at the Word Press Camp Miami #WCMIA 2015
Great topics, a specialized front end workshop and a lot of great talent.
Florida International University hosted the event at their beautiful campus.
What does this mean to you? We'll build even better websites for you!
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We're happy when our customers are happy!!
"You're quick - we received the prints today, and they're great - thank you so much for your help! Thank you. I will be using your services again!"--Christina G.
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Posters are a very useful and inexpensive way to market your company. Visit our website for more info:
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Another VERY happy customer: Amber, from Kane & Couture, explains in her video testimonial that she finds that ColorCopiesUSA:
- Has Attention to Detail
- Delivers quickly
- Offers High Quality
- Great Pricing 
Thanks Amber!
Kane & Couture uses for trade show productions
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Soccer: The World Cup is starting in just a few days.
We'll watch many of  the games on TV!
Google just posted a "Street View" of the 12 stadiums where the games will take place.

Maracana Stadium, situated in the heart of Rio de Janeiro is the most emblematic of all.

Picture yourself in it!,-43.229997,3a,75y,8.26h,79.53t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1s3y2jpSPQNHg8rhrsrk1JCQ!2e0!3e5!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf5f33188ee6274e5

If you'd like to feel like one of the players, here are the names of the other stadiums that you can search for in Google Maps:
Arena de Sao Paulo (Arena Corinhias)
Arena de Baixada
Arena de Amazonia
Estadio das Dunas
Arena Fonte Nova
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About Packaging and Commercial Printing:

This is an interesting report that we got from one of our sources that confirms the more relevant role that commercial printing companies play in the daily business interactions.

What this means to you is that companies like ours are starting to be very familiar with the needs of packaging and the most efficient ways of fulfilling needs.

If your next project would benefit from a piece of custom packaging, let us know and we'll tell you which options we find suitable for your application.

SOURCE: Mark R. Hahn, at the think tank site "What They Think" wrote: 
"The traditional divide between commercial and packaging printers continues to blur as commercial printers seek opportunities in packaging where they can apply their talents, utilize their capital equipment investments, and transition to the packaging industry where they view a brighter long term future in the business of putting ink on substrate....."
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Another happy customer!
"I received the 14 manuals. You all are the best. Thank you for the work. We will be sending you items soon like this. Your order process is so efficient." --Greg C
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Productivity tip: Take out 10 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to organize yourself.
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