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Jennifer White
I have collected juvenile series books for over 20 years.
I have collected juvenile series books for over 20 years.


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Series Books on eBay

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The Mill Creek Irregulars Series by August Derleth
I just finished reading the Mill Creek Irregulars series and have added the Mill Creek Irregulars section to my website.  On the main page of the section, I placed some useful links at the bottom, in particular, a link to an excellent article about the seri...

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How to Find Good Series Books
The question of where to find cheap series books comes up often.  This question has been asked a lot lately on Facebook, as if some enthusiasts think that other collectors have access to large, hidden stashes of cheap books that they can share for low price...

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Biff Brewster #8 Caribbean Pearls and #9 Egyptian Scarab Mystery
In Biff Brewster #8, Mystery of the Caribbean Pearls , Biff travels to the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean at the request of Uncle Charlie.  During Biff's flight, he meets another boy, Derek, who looks just like Biff.  Once the plane lands, Biff is ab...

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Nancy Drew Game: Sea of Darkness
The 32nd title in the Nancy Drew game series by Her Interactive, Sea of Darkness , was released in May. I had trouble getting into Sea of Darkness .  The beginning seemed boring to me.  Nancy arrives in Iceland rather abruptly, and I had no reason to care a...

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Biff Brewster #6 Alaska Ghost Glacier and #7 Ambush in India
In Biff Brewster #6, Alaska Ghost Glacier Mystery , Biff and his father journey to the mine inside the Alaska Ghost Glacier.  A valuable radioactive substance has been discovered at the mine, and Mr. Brewster has been brought in to help.  Enemies of the pro...

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Final Thoughts on the Cherry Ames Series
I owned a Cherry Ames set for around eight years, intending to get around to reading them.  I had trouble getting motivated, because the books never appealed to me.  I am not overly fond of Vicki Barr; the books are okay but not stories that I greatly enjoy...

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Cherry Ames Doctor's Office and Ski Nurse Mystery
In Cherry Ames #26, The Mystery in the Doctor's Office , Cherry takes a position in a doctor's office.  Soon after Cherry's arrival, she begins to wonder whether the medical secretary, Irene Wick, is up to something. Here we go again with another book

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Biff Brewster #4 Mexican Treasure and #5 African Ivory Mystery
In Biff Brewster #4, Mystery of the Mexican Treasure , Biff's family has driven down to Mexico City where Mr. Brewster is helping with a mining project.  Someone is masquerading as Tizoc, an Aztec ruler, and is using his influence to pull local workers away...

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Cherry Ames Companion Nurse and Jungle Nurse
In Cherry Ames #24, Cherry Ames, Companion Nurse , Cherry travels to the United Kingdom as the nurse of a famous author, Martha Logan.  Martha plans to tour several museums and exhibits in her research for her latest book.  Valuable artwork is stolen, and C...
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