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PixelBenderism On Thursday
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the big day has arrived!  Welcome to +PixelBenderism On Thursday .... if you are a photographer, we welcome your pixelbendered posts..... it is always a pleasure to see the multiplicity of interpretations of experience we can create with photo processing.  +Pat A Jordan +Ralitza Tchiorniy +Robin Cohen  Look at our page at +PixelBenderism On Thursday and our stream to see what's created.  
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Good Morning Pixel Bender Maniacs! I invite you to a hangout! I will be sending out the invite momentarily. Come on over and talk "bending" or whatever techniques you are interested in. I hope some of you can make it in. To the public, have you ever wanted to play with this filter in Photoshop? It's a free download for PS5 and comes included in PS6. There are many ways to use it and many results that can come of it. Come on over and join us in a discussion of the filter and things related! Noon pacific time....
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I spent the last few hours trying to get caught up on all the beautiful works that were submitted last week. I played hooky last Thursday and went on an adventure to LA to a vintage chopper show called Born Free. This is their fourth year and it was packed with old motorcycles and people to capacity. I hope to show some of the photos I got here from time to time but for now, I want you all to remember that tomorrow is Thursday and we are ready for your art! Here is one that I did with a few different versions of the Pixel Bender filter (thanks for reminding me +Richard Mabb ) that are available and seldom used. Can you tell which one(s) I played with to get this image? Hit us with your best shots and let's all see what great pieces we can produce! ~Pat
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A kind of glass tiles?. I would love to run Pixel Bender in Gimp..
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From my good friend +Ralitza Tchiorniy ... simple, beautiful, incredible art. Please post your comment on the photo. 
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Stunning owl. stunning work!
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Exciting news today fellow Pixel Benders! +Robin Cohen  has agreed to join +Ralitza Tchiorniy and myself (+Pat A Jordan ) for Thursday's comments on your contributions! So thrilled to have her on board as a co-curator.

Robin has been an avid 'Bender' from the start and her work with abstract combined with the bending of pixels makes for unique and beautiful works of art. Please join with me in a warm welcome to Robin and don't forget to add her name to your tags when you submit your work. 
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thank you +Shari Seibold !
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From +Ralitza Tchiorniy and +Pat A Jordan, we would like to share with you our participant circle from April. We started mid April and we have already had over 150 beautiful works of art contributed to our album, and 110 folks to our circles. Please feel free to share this circle and enjoy the works of our artists. They will astound you through the week with wonderful and creative ways of looking at a photograph.
Or better yet, come and join us. All it takes to be part of this circle of significant artists is to contribute to the +PixelBenderism On Thursday theme curated by +Pat A Jordan and +Ralitza Tchiorniy. Please go to our page and enjoy the wonderful collection of painted photos and if you want to know how it works, check the About page for information and links. Try the filters on your own photos and let us see your results! Remember to circle the page and if you contribute, tag your photo so it will show in the album.
This circle will be reshared at the end of May
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Of course +LeLinda Bourgeois :)) - you can check out the various links provided on our "About" page for a start. Also, +Pat A Jordan organises hangouts on the the subject, so look out for these. I hope this helps! Ralitza
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From my venture to the field of flowers yesterday. I offer this to
#wowwednesday (+WowWednesday ) curated by +Jan Paul Anthony Zabala
#wallpaperwednesdaycontest curated by +Jamie Furlong
#vibrantwednesday curated by +Ajay Hatti
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Psychedelic pixelbending, nicely done!
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We are a community of photographers who find the art in our photos with bending pixels.
Pixel Bender is a filter that works with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and is integrated in the newer version of CS6. It is a free download from Adobe This link will take you to the download page. 

We have no rules or memberships in our circles. We want to offer a page to those in the photographic community who wish to share their works. To those who want to learn the process, those who inspire others and those who wish to make art with this filter and have fun.

If you would add this page to your circles, we can let you know what's happening with special theme days and hangouts. Tagging your photos is not required but helpful for you and us. We will tag it for you if we can. As there seem to be an abundance of hash tag lines for this subject, please remember that to make it to this page, you will need to use #pixelbenderismonthursday in your post at the very least.

Please, let's come together as a fun way to spend a Thursday playing with paints and colors. And if we create a masterpiece in the process, that's a bonus!