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Saturn's transit in Sagittarius: Order or Chaos?
the master of discipline and righteousness moves to the majestic Jupiter’s sign
Sagittarius on 26 th Jan 2017 where it will rest for around two and
half years. Things will change for sure, but for the better or worse? I have
been consistently gettin...

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Astrology, Destiny and Free Will
The most fascinating
debate of all times is whether Life is a matter of the choices we make, or it
is merely destiny and fate. Usually most people have these two thought
processes in this regard. Thought process 1 :  If
everything is destined, what role do ...

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Super Moon's Play with the Earth: The event and its effects
Everyone is
looking forward to the splendid phenomenon of Moon’s interesting play with
Earth on 27th-28th September 2015 and that has already created a lot of buzz
all across the globe. This is
quite justified as it is the 4th consecutive Blood Moon Total L...

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Baahubali: The Astrological Symbolism!
The movie Baahubali is breaking all records making its way to be the highest grosser of the year.  Interestingly, this movie has a lot of instances where we see a direct connect of the story with higher means of life. Yes I am talking about Astrology. Let u...

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ATMAKARAKA- Discovering the soul's desire:
A lot of times what happens is that we are
not able to understand what we really want in life. It is not only about our
career goals, but other things or desires which can give us a lot of happiness
and satisfaction, if we would know about them. But we don'...

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How does Astrology work?
In our daily routine, we come across people with different beliefs and mind sets. For astrologers, its not uncommon to meet people who say that they don't believe in 'things like astrology'. Interestingly, most of the people who say they do not believe in a...

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Ascendants and their character traits
If you have been following my previous blogposts, by now you have some idea of what an 'ascendant' means and how it is different or say, more precise than the famous 'sun-sign'. Below are the 12 ascendants and their character traits in brief. ARIES: Enthusi...

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Ascendant-The Rising Sign!

In Vedic Astrology, the ascendant is without question the most individual and defining element in the chart. All predictions start from the ascendant and infact everything in a chart is derived from the Ascendant. Being the most important of all, still ther...

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What sign are you? Vedic Vs Western.
What if you have been thinking you are a Scorpion all of your life, and suddenly discover you are actually a Libran? Very often I hear from people, "I am a Saggitarius" or I am a "Leo", to which I say, "Don't be so sure". I also try to explain the reason so...

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Astrology: Science or Superstition?
Astrology existed since ancient times, but is it a science, or just pseudoscience? Do you believe in astrology?   Don't believe? I don't blame you. Perhaps your exposure to astrology is Sun Sign columns in your local newspaper. If the only doctors that I wa...
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