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Playing Music Made Easy
Playing Music Made Easy


Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have some cool Playlists that make it easier to learn songs and we will do more.

Practicing tongue twisters for vocal warm up exercises, currently stumbling over "Which witch whined when the wine was spilled on the wailing whale?" and " What a to-do to die today, at a minute or two to two"

An arts education exposes children to the incomparable...

Practice tip: Put variety into your routine.  Regular practice can become boring without variety.

A great review just posted on the new Earmaster 6 on

What song do you use for auditions?

95% of learning is playing songs, so continue to practice with a variety of songs.

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Got a great review on our Singing for Dummies posted on -

This is an example of what happens when music is fun:
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