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I need some people to follow on Twitter. I have been following a guy who got his game together but I need more.

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I just wanted a drink with these guys

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Spyral who?

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Weak people turn off commenting before anyone can respond to them. Sure, blocking someone after having a conversation is fine. But responding to someone and blocking them from responding before they can even attempt a rebuttal is weak and immature. I should have known better than to comment here in the first place.

Snowflakes are weak immature children.
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People need to boo Brock Lesnar the way they boo Reigns. Then, people need to just not react to Reigns unless it's something that has nothing to do with his actual skill in the ring. Boo if he botches, cheer if he pulls off something awesome.

Also, save the what chants for something that actually deserves it. Like when Stephanie McMahon received an award for basically being a McMahon. Etc.

Ok guys, I really need a wrestling discord. Ive tried a few and they sucked. I just need to keep trying til I find a keeper. Anybody got any?

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Ok, so there is no way in which the opinion on a piece of art can ever be trashed by your tastes. There is no such thing as an optimal taste or the correct way to like something. Subjectivity should be embraced. There is no such thing as a casual wrestling fan. There's also no such thing as a bad taste in wrestling. For some people, a piece of art can be literally horrible and trashy, and someone can come along and say... It's perfect. It does everything I need it to do for me. It entertains me. And you cant come along and attack that, because it's subjective, and that should be celebrated rather than attacked.

My opinion in wrestling is very different from yours, but I like seeing other people's opinions, even people I don't like, just to see if they saw something I didn't that might change my opinion on it. I like storylines. That's a huge part of wrestling. My opinion isn't weaker because it isn't like yours.

Celebrate that, don't attack it.

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Ok, I gotta know. There's only two camps on this, so tell me..

How do you rate the Festival of Friendship?
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A moment to be remembered.
Raw is no longer entertaining.

So is Randy Orton suspended or not?

Tbh... As much as I wanted something else... This was actually, after taking some time to process this... Reigns wasn't what ruined the rumble match. Actually, that was a great way to build a feud and make him a tweener. Y'all wanted heel reigns so you got heel reigns coming. He setting up well with the taker move.

The problem with the rumble match was it felt too short and all the star power was at the end. The beginning was pretty decent, tho I don't like brawn completely controlling it, but it was pretty fun Storytelling, especially when ellsworth music hit.

I mean, mark Henry showing was pretty hype. Jericho sold his part well. Heck, I don't think a single member sold this badly at all. The storyline was interesting... But it went kinda fast and so many were left out to fit the star power at the end.

This could have been a 40 man rumble... And Bray should have won it rather than Randy. But I'll take it.

This rumble, unlike last year's, has more than 2 storylines in it. While it isn't as clear as last year, it does make for a better wrestlemania going forward. We have several unexplained situations, 2 pre-wrestlemania ppvs coming up, and then the buildup to the direct mania. Strowman fits in somehow, taker is going to face reigns, who will probably be full heel, big show looked decent going up against probably Shaq, and there's plenty of other storylines going forward that aren't thrown together at the last minute.

It won't be the best mania, but it won't be the worst.
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