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Is TNA any good? And where do you watch it? 
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+Daniel Baker hell yeah they do😁😁😁
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Daniel Baker

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... Who is Shelton Benjamin?
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Because I'm a new fan that makes me casual? Your logic is bad. I'm not a reigns fan or whatever you guys hate about casuals. I'm just new to the business and I find it interesting and enjoyable sometimes and sometimes it gets the yugioh metagame. That doesn't make me a casual, I just missed the Golden Era. I actually want to go back and watch Monday night raws from 2001, but the WWE doesn't post them.

So, please, enlighten me about the guy, and maybe give me some ideas of what I should watch on the network of what I have missed. I have watched most royal rumbles and most survivor series ppvs, cause I find the style of match to be awesome. 
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Daniel Baker

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For the WWE Raw championship
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Damn, and Roman won it. 
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Here are some ideas I had of what WWE could do to improve.

So we have smackdown, NXT, and raw... Also main event that's played... Idk where. I say we split those a little differently.

Nxt is easily getting a lot more popular. Move it up to the USA network and have it take over on Wednesdays if possible.

Next, change smackdown. Like, let's completely eliminate the entire idea down and make it so the entire show is just women's matches, including nxt and raw. Women's matches no longer on raw or nxt, they get their own show entirely. Give the women a tag team belt as well.

Now your raw roster has a lot more to do. Your raw roster allows for more rivalries and it gives you more time to do it. It also gives your wrestlers more downtime to recover, which should lower injuries and concussion issues. This also allows you time for longer matches or however you wana run matches. You may even be able to fit another belt into the raw mix.

Also, now your women have their own audience, it gives you more of an idea of who cares about the women and they get more screen time as a whole. It basically makes them equal to men in almost every way, except they have an hour less of screentime, but with a smaller roster, that shouldn't matter.

The last thing is I would move some of the midcarders down to nxt now that it's a main show. It could basically be the way to build up hype for some of the people who get shoved aside on raw.

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Daniel Baker

WWE 2K16  - 
So, I finally got universe mode looking and acting the way I want it.

Monday: Raw.
Wednesday: NXT
Friday: Divas

Nxt and divas share a pay-per-view since their divisions both only have 19 people. Raw has a roster of 40. The only custom characters are 2 superstars and 1 diva. All 3 shows have 3 titles. A world title, a secondary title, and a tag title. I'm pretty happy with it.

So, after money in the bank, here are my current title holders.
World: randy orton
US John Cena
Tag: New Day
Mitb Luke harper

Nxt title Enzo Amore
Hardcore Tyler Breeze
Tag Vaudevillains
Mitb Barret

Womens AJ Lee
Nxt women's Paige
Tag: Bayley and Asuka

Interesting, no? 
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I'm going to BACKLASH! YAY
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Daniel Baker

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Hmmmm.... Maybe... Maybe I should wait til after ufc 200. 
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