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Back to Delkor
The Panasonic High Spec  maintenance free battery lasted me bout 2 years. Considering the Standard Spec was still going on strong when I replaced it @ around 2 years I do not rate the High Spec especially considering the price premium. Possible contribution...

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Bride Import Side Stay
The Bride RO seat rail is able to use adapters which Bride sell separately to install full bucket non-reclining motorsport competition seats such as the Recaro SP-G , Sparco Evo and Pro2000 and the Corbeau Pro-Series . Such seats are typically bottom side m...

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Work Emotion CR Kai Discontinued
I recently checked Work Wheels website and found that they had discontinued the Work Emotion CR Kai. You can find the "details"  here  which is where Work lists their discontinued products. Apparently production ended in 2014. The successor for the CR Kai, ...

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Beta Utensili Digital Vernier Caliper
A vernier scale or caliper is a device that lets you measure precisely when reading and measuring a uniformly divided straight or circular object. Given the number of  parts I have had to measure and fabricate for Sharkie I'm surprised that it took me so lo...

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I bet AIM has been listening to users giving feedback that the MXG would not fit in many a dash hence they have now released the MXS. The only difference between the MXG and MXS is the size of the display. The MXS has a 5" TFT display which is smaller than ...

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New Gearbox Upgrade Project Part 4 - Back Home
Hello everybody. Yes I am still alive and so is Sharkie :) Here's the long awaited comeback article. Against all odds, the upgraded gearbox internals are back home. It was actually back home a couple months back but I'm the king of procrastination remember?...

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The whole reason I have this blog is to share my car (Nissan Sentra N16) mods and experience. It takes a lot of time, effort and not forgetting money to document and write the blog posts and I don't make a single cent out of it so I am sorry if I come acros...

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2015 Resolution
I promise to use and whip Sharkie at least once a week :)

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2015 First Service
When your bud all the way from the US sends you an email just to tell you you are lagging, you are really lagging.. :) Anyway here's a short post of Sharkie having it's first service prior to the CNY hols. Current mileage since rebirth is way less than 10K ...

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Blog Domain Renewal Woes
Can someone help me out or point me the right way? "TheN16Files" domain which I previously purchased via Blogger/Google is renewed annually. For this latest round the renewal has failed as the credit card details I previously entered via Google Wallet is no...
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