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Matthew Hatton
Blogger, Twitter Addict, Opinionated Arsehat
Blogger, Twitter Addict, Opinionated Arsehat

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In the latest actual words blogue for Quality Jernalisms, I ask why no one in the media thinks it's odd that the Coalition uses News Corporation Australia reporting as policy documents.

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Fair warning: this week I have a lot of sport related feelings.
Don't forget, tonight we mark a full month since the start of #wtfaustralia. Who would have thought it would have lasted this long!

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If you missed tonights #wtfaustralia then here it is in all its grainy glory.

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A thing. I help make it and you know you want me in your ear holes. So go find it.
Good morning Angry Beanie fans. Well it's been confirmed. #wtfaustralia is now available as an audio podcast via itunes.

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This is a thing that I do now. Talking ~stuff~ about stuff.
The weekly look at the news and events in Australia, featuring James Purser and Matthew Hatton asking WTF?

Hey so, is #QandA  a thing over here?

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