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Jesse Magnan
Existential Nihilist and Wheelchair Ninja
Existential Nihilist and Wheelchair Ninja

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The hot girl part is irrelevant, the dance is just cool. 

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Special kind if cool. 
New statue of King Arthur on top of Tintagel cliffs. 

I have decided to become a wizard, regardless of what the physics of our universe dictates. 

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A normal Tuesday night for Shia Lebeouf. 

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Anything But New Book Review: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
Welcome to
another anything but new book review. These are reviews of books that are
typically past their best-seller days, some of which may be languishing
forgotten but are still worthy of a good read. Today's anything
but new book is If Chins Could Kill:...

If you don't like the book idea we can always try taking the monster.
-Waxwork 2

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Pretty much on point. 
3 Meet the Author strips I like to help keep me humble.

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Scrymea: The Northern Kingdoms
Scrymea is my personal setting. Most of my fantasy work will
take place in the world of Scrymea, even if they do not call the world by its
name. After all how often do you mention that you are on planet Earth?   My goal is to post all the different aspects
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