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#11 Raceknuckle

Chain tensioner ... my first bike was a Suzuki enduro which was equipped with a chain tensioner. I appreciated the advantages of this device

#10 Raceknuckle

Kicker pedal ... I wrote already that the Baker kicker arm wasn't mine. Same goes with the pedal, so, as usual, new part, home made. This ti

#9 Raceknuckle

Steering damper ... even though the girder fork is original Indian Motocycles, I didn't like the adjustment wheel and decided to design and

#8 Raceknuckle

Shift knob...I already bought a shift knob from GearHedz for my Pan many months ago so they were my first choice for making the knob based o

#7 Raceknuckle

I have to admit that some of the parts I use are bought but most of them will be modified either way. While searching some hot rod stuff on

#6 Raceknuckle

All the work on the motor internals is now done. Parts are polished and laquered to keep the churning losses minimal, crank discs are lighte

#5 Raceknuckle

DCOE 40 carb. Nice quality but the velocity stacks included look a little cheapish. So I decided to make some new ones. I usually start with

Harley-Davidson: The Ridebook

The Harley-Davidson Ridebook is a riding manual for a new generation of riders, assembled and curated by influential bloggers and artists. C

#4 Raceknuckle

What is accelerated should be stopped. I'm using classic brakes from Italian racers, for the rear a 180mm duplex and the front a 210mm doubl

#1 Raceknuckle

Well, how to start? This story is about building a new bike, based on a fake knucklehead that I bought some years ago. It sat unused in the

#2 Raceknuckle

OK. S&S KN93. As some of the parts will be modified, polished, ported, flowed etc. etc. the motor was disassembled first. As it turns out th

#3 Raceknuckle

Forks...always a wildly discussed question when setting up a project. As this one should be in the style of a more or less classic racer mod


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