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Julie Sherman
A graphic designer working from home creating beautiful custom blog designs.
A graphic designer working from home creating beautiful custom blog designs.

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My mentor and friend, Shay Bocks, is going to be on the Matt Report today. Looking forward to listening!
Specialize and find the right client

I'm a huge fan of specializing in our strengths. I'm not a designer, so I never say I am. I'm not a developer, so you won't see me touching code. What about you?

Co-hosting a free webinar with someone that has truly capitalized on this strategy is exciting. We'll learn how Shay found her niche with the Foodie Pro Theme and how she built a portfolio from servicing that target market.

It sounds obvious and easy, but when so many of us are trying to grow a business, we'll take whatever we can get. Join our free webinar on March 31st and learn how to say No to the wrong client while saying Yes! to the right one.

Who is this webinar for?
1 - 2 Year consultants
Boutique agency
Shay Bocks joins us to discuss lessons from her upcoming Design Biz Crash Course.

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My girl, Shay, is on GOH today. It's starting now. ;)

This week we're talking about the business of WordPress with +Shay Bocks, author of the famed Foodie theme, and +Diane Kinney, agency owner that knows how to float-like-a-butterfly and sting-like-a-bee  when it comes to taking care of business.

Feel free to bring your questions here or on Twitter using the hashtag #gohchat.

Nothing humbles you more than volunteering in a first grade class and you don't know the difference between the long 'U' sound in 'tune' and 'mule'. I mean, c'mon, I develop websites and I am college educated, for heaven's sake!!!

+Dave Holzer That picture you took of +Austin Sherman is amazing. The lighting is gorgeous and it looks so tranquil (even if the ride wasn't).

Finished my century in 5 hours and 56 minutes! Total time for the 100 mile event was 7 hours and 15 minutes. Whew!

Rode 25 miles between sessions today. According to my training schedule, it should have been 35 miles, but time didn't allow. I'll make up for it during the week, though. My century is in 8 weeks! Yay!

So excited to buy a registration for the Little Red Century. 100 miles, here I come!
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