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Nancy Sharoff
"Stay Tuned & Stay Connected!"
"Stay Tuned & Stay Connected!"

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Always looking for ways to support my classroom teachers.

Hi I'm Nancy and am REALLY looking forward to this course. Thanks to the moderators for all your time and effort!  I'm currently a Teacher on Special Assignments in charge of all the online assessments and data implementation in my district. In my little 'downtime' in my district I teach week-long technology modules to grades 2 - 6. I'm excited about putting together an ePerfect Textbook for my group of self-contained kids who access to iPads. WOOHOO!!!!

Totally psyched that we have another venue to share!  I'll be attending the GCT ReBoot in NYC tomorrow and looking forward to some face-to-face time  with some of the members of this group.

Loving that we have another space to share with one another! Thanks for setting this up Steve!

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For all my shopper friends out there.....

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These are BEAUTIFUL image/quote combos. Check them out!

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To the folks from Wednesday night's Hang Out on Howard Rheingold's book, Net Smart, you might be interested in the following article: The Importance of Teaching Mindfulness | MindShift

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Trying to see if I can get DH on
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