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Theresa Delgado
Actionable Sales Insights.
Actionable Sales Insights.

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Being a good presenter doesn’t come naturally.
It’s something you learn.

Here are five elements that will help you with your next presentation, no matter the size of the audience:

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Do You Cringe at the Thought of Going to a Networking Event?
Start walking in with CONFIDENCE!

If you’re in sales, whether you are a small business owner, an independent sales professional, a Realtor, etc. you are going to find yourself attending business networking events, right?

For many, just the thought of having to attend and mingle in a large room with a bunch of strangers is something they want to avoid at all costs. Sound familiar?

That’s where I can help.

Here's a complete Networking Tutorial that will help you walk into the room feeling confident at your next networking event while helping you achieve your goal of attracting the right clients and growing your business.

How to Prepare for a Networking Event:

How to Convey Confidence at Networking Events:

How to Connect With People at a Networking Event:

What to Do After the Networking Event:

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2016 is Almost Here...Are Your Goals Mapped Out? If Not, Here's Help:

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So You're Thinking of Starting a Business?
WAIT! Do these 5 things first...

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Got a second? Please click below and help +Neal DePinto win the contest for best painting. Thank you - T :)

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To All,
My painting "Waiting to Cross" is a finalist in the 2015 American Frame Featured Artist Contest. Please visit and if you think that my painting is the best entry, please cast your vote for it. You can vote up to once a day until September 30th, and your daily vote will be needed.
Thank you,


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Is Your Revenue Directly Proportional to Accessibility?
We want to hear your thoughts...

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The lastest from the minds of +Kenneth Manesse Sr., +Theresa Delgado and myself.  This show is actually a conversation that happened after the "real" show a couple of weeks ago.

We talked about why making yourself accessible is key to your success.

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4 Tips to Take the AWKWARD Out of Networking…

You'll also want to brush up on the best way to answer “What do you do?”:

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How's Your Marketing Plan Working for You?

In order to complete a successful marketing plan, there are three simple keys.

1. You have to do your research.
2. Hone your marketing mix.
3. Monitor your results.

In this new article I'm going to go over each of these keys in detail AND give you action steps to get started on your successful marketing plan.

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How are you different from your competition?
Your USP identifies what's unique about your offer...

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Is Your Business Just Inching Along?
It doesn't have to be that way...

IF you’re ready to spend less time working in your business, and more time working on your business – and making money – then it’s time to begin implementing some systems.

Discover what you need to do:

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