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Too Tired To Be a Wife and/or Mama
   Today has been one of those days. One of those days in which the television screen probably could have been a better mama than me. My strength to perform the roles of wife and mama is critically low. I'm bone tired.     I'm the weakest when I'm exhausted...

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Shopping spree ... consigment style!
     Twice a year an enormous consignment event is organized in my town. I got a preview of it during the spring, and then began saving for the fall event.  Unlike consignment stores that I've been to, this event has a huge selection of really nice (often n...

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Flying Solo
    David had to work at another facility a couple hours away this week. Not only was I going to miss him, but I was a bit nervous about flying solo in parenting. It has certainly been a growing experience!     I have learned so many things during this brie...

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Daily Routine (with 6-12 month old baby)
     I've used a schedule for our days for several months. Though this latest schedule says "6 months adjusted - 8 months actual," it will probably be the one we use until he's a year old. I've once again aimed at pairing our activities up so that there are...

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Introduction of Solid Food to a Breastfed Baby
    Introducing solids to a baby seems simple enough. However, if it was that clear then there wouldn't be a plethora of sources all differing in their suggestions of how much to offer, how frequently to offer and what food to offer when. Furthermore, intro...
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