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Sheila Christie
Live The Life in The Fabulous Lane..
Live The Life in The Fabulous Lane..

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Silver Lining Nails (Blue Nails)
Hello hello! I've been away for long. I am starting a new life of being extremely busy and my college also get interesting, got soo many homeworks and everything, I couldn't even have time to do the posting. But I try hard. So here I am again, giving you my...

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Flappy Bird Nails
Do you play this game?  This is the latest arcade game on ios or android. This is epic. The game was so hard, I can only get maximum score 5 after hours of playing. Well, I kinda upset and desperate. My cousin installed it on her phone, play it for ten minu...

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Chinese New Year Nails
Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a wonderful NY. Well, I want to show you guys the nails I wore in this new days of horse. I draw the hanzi of horse.  馬 (   mǎ ).  And a symbol of luck in Chinese.  Fist I draw the hanzi of horse For the p...

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Owl Nails
Owl goes hoot! Hey there.. Been weeks since I post my last nail design. I had great time enjoying my holiday also give my nails some time to rest. I need to let my nails breath for a week or two considering that my nail never looked naked. So, Here I am aga...

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love your outfit!
visit for daily dose of beauty for your nails! xo

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check out my latest nail designs. ^^
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