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Anita Law
Inspire and be inspired!
Inspire and be inspired!


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This says it all

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When will enough be enough?
No, the Orlando shooter would probably still have attacked even if he hadn't been able to buy an AR-15. But would he have been able to so easily mow down or injure over 100 people in a matter of minutes? Of course not!
#orlandoshooting #stopgunviolence

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Every Bernie Sanders voter should read and heed this article. This is a serious election with potentially scary consequences -- a Donald Trump presidency!
#berniesanders #stoptrump

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The wonders of Photoshop!

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Thank you +Eli Fennell for "educating" us! :))
Newsflash - The sky will not fall! All that will happen is that gay people will now be entitled to the same right to marry as straight people. That's it. That's all.
U.S. Gay Marriage FAQ

With gay marriage now legal in all 50-states of the United States, some people may have questions. Here are some answers:

1) Do I Have to Get Gay Married Now?

No. You do not. Ever. Unless you want to.

2) Won't This Lead to Polygamy?

Not likely. SCOTUS ruled that same-sex couples deserve the same Due Process and Equal Protection rights as opposite-sex couples, interracial couples, etc... Their ruling requires only that the right of two consenting adults to marry not be limited by race, gender, sexuality, creed, etc... Subsequently, were a state to legalize Polygamy, they could not discriminate between one straight man marrying two straight women, one bi man marrying one straight woman and one gay man, one lesbian marrying two others, etc... However, as long as no one can enjoy the benefits of Polygamy (i.e. as long as it is equally illegal for everyone), Polygamy needn't be legalized.

3) Won't This Lead to People Marrying Animals?


No. No it won't. Because animals aren't people, cannot consent, and do not have Constitutional protections like the right to marry. Does that answer your question, Mister Santorum?

4) How Will This Affect My Straight Marriage and Family?

It won't. Unless maybe you're in denial about being in the closet, and this gives you the courage to come out.

5) Won't It Violate My Religious Rights to Have to Treat Gays as Equals?

No, it really, really won't. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll find some way to still treat them as lesser beings if you try hard enough.

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